Quran contradictions #1: What did Allah use to create man?

In the same vain as my bible contradictions, I submit the first quran contradictions.

quran contradictions 1

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I'm a political and social activist.
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8 Responses to Quran contradictions #1: What did Allah use to create man?

  1. goaloflifeadmin says:

    I cannot believe you wrote the above without even conducting any research?..


  2. I can give you hundreads of thousands of proof that what you have written here is baseless but i wont because i want you to hate it more because history has witnessed itself many times about how the biggest haters of islam end up themselves by reverting If you FAIRLY do research on it with the faith of finding the truth by heart then the same verses which you are using for hatred can be the reason of your revert and conversion to Islam and you might be telling everyone about your convert story that how i became a muslim from hatred to revert like everyone nowadays coming up with the story how their hatred leads them to finally end up at the door of truth
    So keep hating brother in sha ALLAH like everyone you will also end up to the revert
    Keep hating it more one day you will thank me sincere advice to you

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