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Mohammad’s true quest in America

The Prophet Muhammad was certainly a globetrotting pedophile. Happy Blasphemy Day!!

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Capitalizing “He” makes a mockery of the english language (or Two can play At that game)

When reading through blogs or Internet article comments, I must admit that I cringe every time I see religious people capitalize “He,” “Him,” or “His,” etc. to refer to god. It’s one thing to capitalize the “G” in god, even … Continue reading

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Everything you ever wanted to know about menstrual cycles (according to Islam)

I’m going to make a short post today because I have a meeting in an hour. Yesterday I was doing some reading in the hadith, and I came across an entire section devoted to the menstrual cycle. Many of these … Continue reading

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The dumbest thing ever done in the name of religion

Remember Jim Jones? Marshall Applewhite? David Koresh? What about Li Hongzhi? These are all bat shit insane cult leaders who compelled their followers to commit mass suicide (or maybe it was murder??) (ok, so Waco’s debatable). The point is that every … Continue reading

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Don’t violate the 9th commandment because you’re too lazy to read

I’m a serial non-commenter. It doesn’t mean I don’t read other people’s blogs — I do. I just don’t always have something to say. Often when I do comment it’s because someone — usually a theist — has violated the … Continue reading

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Dear ISIS: Without math there is no future in science

A few days ago I stumbled across this article from Inquisitr: “ISIS Bans Children From Learning Math And Social Studies.” Essentially, the Islamic State is saying that they are willing to sacrifice their children’s future in order to live up … Continue reading

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Everyone’s a skeptic (and the problem with atheist faith)

“Atheists have blind faith.” This non starter persists in the world of pseudo intellectual (and hypo intellectual) thought. Its position assumes it begins the race at the finish line and allows for no reasonable or rational discussion. “Atheists have faith, … Continue reading

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