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Google Searches for “ISIS” and “Join ISIS” Compared

The other day I posted about a remarkable surge of people using Google to search for ISIS at a rate that dwarfs the previous 11 years of searches for other terrorist organizations. I discovered this using Google Trends. The visual … Continue reading

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Interest in Islamic State Unprecedented: And Why Do We Care So Much?

[NOTE: Most of this was originally posted to my personal blog yesterday. For this post I’ve made some¬†alterations appropriate to this blog’s theme.] Today I started playing around with¬†Google Trends, a web search analysis of Google searches in real time, … Continue reading

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Reason for Absence and New Material

Lately I haven’t been posting… well, anything. When it comes to religious beliefs, practices, and idiotic policies I have a lot to say; however, I really haven’t had time to formulate coherent blog posts. I have a lot of fun … Continue reading

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Sicarii, Assassins, and the Islamic State: A Pattern Emerges

Total holy war and suicide attacks are nothing new. History has kept a long list of organizations popping up, committing atrocities in the name of god, and then suffering absolute defeat—sometimes these campaigns are coupled with ironic consequences for the … Continue reading

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