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Confessing Atheism to Christian Love Interest

In a followup to my last post, where I discussed an interesting theology presented to me by a romantic interest, I have some more interesting news. To recap: I’m seeing a religious black girl who worships Jesus as a personal savior, … Continue reading

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Dating a a Secular, Polytheistic, Non-Religious Christian?????

Lately I’ve been seeing a woman—very attractive, met completely randomly. She’s black, which should come as no surprise to anyone who’s been following this blog since its beginning. For those who haven’t: I tend to date women who are not white. … Continue reading

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Fares Al-Khodor Is Dead (And So Is a Piece of My Heart)

This post is a combination of personal anecdote, argument, and tragedy. I’m writing this because a young boy I once knew has died, a victim of the protracted and intense fighting in Northeast Syria. Although I’m not blaming anyone for his … Continue reading

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Analysis of a Cult Death Tape (Jonestown)

Yesterday Sam Harris shared the Jonestown Death Tape on his Twitter account. According to the source it was acquired from an FBI agent’s son. Naturally I couldn’t help but listen to all 44 minutes of it, and let me tell … Continue reading

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Wonderful Humans of New York Photo and Caption

I don’t follow Humans of New York on any social media platform; however, many of my friends do, and they share posts by the photographer on a regular basis. I’m glad they do. Otherwise I would’ve missed this one. I’m … Continue reading

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