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ISIS vs. Isis: The Rare Case for Political Correctness

I read this article on the Daily Mail a few days ago, and while it didn’t immediately sink in, an obvious thought resonated in my brain as I pondered the article more fully. In the article an Arizona couple struggled to … Continue reading

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Doctor Who and the Atheist Years

It’s pretty amazing the things you’ll find when perusing the results on EBSCOhost or some other database of scientific literature. Sometimes people take research to very interesting areas. Pop culture being one that I don’t spend a lot of time … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to They Who Lost Today: Same-Sex Marriage and the US Supreme Court

Well, the inevitable has happened; the Supreme Court of the United States in a sharply divided decision ruled in Obergefell v. Hodges that same sex couples have an intrinsic right to marry, bringing an end to a decades-old debate. On one … Continue reading

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36 Serious Questions for God

Today I watched the video from The Atheist Voice titled “36 Questions I’d Like to Ask God.” Mostly they’re the standard questions we’d expect atheists to ask in order to make a point about certain religious absurdities. Afterwards, however, I … Continue reading

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Female Self-Immolations in Afghanistan (SS#20)

Today’s post reflects on a rather dated perspectives article from the The New England Journal of Medicine, titled “Driven to a Fiery Death — The Tragedy of Self-Immolation in Afghanistan” (May 2008). This article was instrumental in helping me form … Continue reading

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Upcoming Research: Christians, Jews, Muslims, and Altruistic Suicide

It’s summer again, and I have a few short months to do independent research of my liking before getting into the deep again. In late August I’ll be starting a rather intensive Modeling and Simulations program at The Virginia Modeling, Analysis … Continue reading

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Danger! Do Not Enter the Chapel!

I was in a hospital last night (don’t worry; my visit wasn’t for health reasons), and I walked by the chapel and noticed it was closed. Although I’m sure it was merely closed for cleaning or basic maintenance, the sign they … Continue reading

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Holocaust Survivors and Godlessness

About a year ago University of Nebraska-Omaha student Jennifer Lassley published a graduate paper in International Social Science Review titled “A Defective Covenant: Abandonment of Faith among Jewish Survivors of the Holocaust.” This paper popped up in an EBSCOhost search a few weeks … Continue reading

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The Friendly Atheist’s Reaction to Tracy Morgan Interview Really Irked Me (With a Response from Hemant Mehta)

Yesterday I read a post by Hemant Mehta, or, as most people know him, the Friendly Atheist, and I’m surprised to say this is the first atheist article I’ve ever read that I’m offended by. The article reflects on Tracy Morgan’s very … Continue reading

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