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Anti-Atheist Prejudice (Part 6): We’re All Going to Die

I don’t have to remind you of this, but we’re all going to die. Some of us sooner than others. In fact the odds are essentially 100% that we’ll all be dead in 100 years. Every last one of us. … Continue reading

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Pagans Did It First, Not Christians: Or How to Piss of God

A vocal minority of Christians often blame natural and man-made disasters on god’s wrath. This can be seen time and time again. Pat Robertson is a great example of the tired old “God’s angry” trope. Even recently, the Rev. Al … Continue reading

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Late Night Ramblings about Devil’s Music and Alabama

I’m driving deep South. Somewhere between Cowpens and Mobile I recognize my sleep deprivation after almost driving off the side of 65S, awoken only by the ominous du-du-du-du-du of my car careening to the right. I wake myself with a … Continue reading

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Benefits of Changing Religions in the US? (SS#17)

In the June 2015 edition of Social Currents, Jennifer L. Glass (et al) published “Leaving the Faith: How Religious Switching Changes Pathways to Adulthood among Conservative Protestant Youth.” Glass and her team—after reviewing the literature—noticed an interesting trend; white conservative Protestants “experience … Continue reading

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A Fairly Good Logical Argument for the Historical Jesus (by an Agnostic Professor)

When it comes to the historical Jesus—the question, did Jesus exist?—I’ve always been a skeptic. Although historians almost universally agree that he did exist, I’m a little more cautious about this question because there’s zero extra biblical evidence contemporary to the … Continue reading

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Carpenter Bees and Microevolution: What the Hell Happened?

There’s a rather large flowering bush in my front yard, and right now it’s surrounded by busy, busy bees and other insects foraging for provisions. Most of these bees are large and shiny, relatively docile carpenter bees, incapable of stinging—or … Continue reading

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Lost Causes: The Downside of Secularization

A few years ago I was on a board of directors for a non-profit organization that works for the repeal of capital punishment in my state. Last night I attended a member’s meeting for the organization to discuss the current … Continue reading

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