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Religion and Mental Health (SS#14)

Citing previous research that ignored secular groups, this month researchers Jon T. Moore and Mark M. Leach published a study that seeks to explain “the relationship between religion and various facets of mental health” (p. 1). Their paper, titled “Dogmatism and … Continue reading

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Sacrificing Posts for Better Posts

Up until a few months ago I tried to post at a minimum of every other day. My goal was to be a prolific poster, mainly criticizing the bible. This is not all the writing I do, however. When I started graduate … Continue reading

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My Friend’s Mother Almost Escaped a Cult

I’m still friends with my high school sweetheart. She’s now a mother to a school-aged child. We live in different parts of the US, but we still chat online about animals, vegetarianism, movies, and religion. When we were dating her … Continue reading

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Correlation between College Attendance and Liberal Beliefs (SS#13)

Conventional wisdom would have most of us believe that attending college strengthens students’ liberal beliefs and diminishes their religious beliefs. This idea is not lost on the church. In recent years the Catholic Identity College Guide’s list of faithful schools has swelled … Continue reading

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How Did Christianity Become Secularized?

The title here, which remains an unanswered question, might make a lot of people uncomfortable. Some Christians might shun the idea of their religion being secular, and others, particularly non-Christians, might scoff at the idea — Christianity in the US is … Continue reading

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George Carlin Needs His Own Stamp

I think it’s about time we gave our favorite atheist, good ol’ Georgy, his own postage stamp. What do you think?

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Anti-Atheist Prejudice (Part 5): What We Know So Far

[Published a day early because I will be very busy tomorrow] Anti-Atheist prejudice is an under-studied phenomenon, seemingly viewed by academics as systemic but not important or, by lay people, as irrelevant. Whatever the case may be prejudice against atheists … Continue reading

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Anti-Atheist Prejudice (Part 4) (SS#11)

For the last three weeks I have been discussing the academic literature studying anti-atheist prejudice. My goal with this project is to eventually weave this research together into something that more closely resembles a discussion amongst social and psychological scientists. … Continue reading

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Stop with the Easter Jesus Zombie Jokes: Jesus Was Obviously a Werewolf

Easter is coming up, and with it our social media accounts will be flooded with generic “Jesus was a zombie” jokes. The first thousand times you see them, they might garner a mild chuckle, but after that they drift into … Continue reading

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