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Anti-Atheist Prejudice (Part 3) (SS#10)

For the past two weeks I’ve been reviewing the academic literature about anti-atheist prejudice in the US (here and here). In both reviews I’ve explained some recommended prejudice mitigating factors and even offered some of my own. This week I’ll … Continue reading

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Sappho’s Problem with Evil: And Why Do Gods Refuse to Die?

Sappho says, death is an evil, the gods have so judged, for if death were good, then they too would die. According to Aristotle, these are the words so penned by ancient Greek lyrical poet Sappho (c. 610 — c. … Continue reading

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Anti-Atheist Prejudice (Part 2) (SS#9)

If everyone in the world believed in god except me, there wouldn’t be much of a reason to form prejudices against me. At worst you’d probably just think I’m crazy. I wouldn’t be perceived as a threat. I’d just be … Continue reading

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Reflections on We Are Atheism Scandal

Note: This is not a very coherent post. It’s basically a stream of thought reflection. Today I came across this article by Hemant Mehta, who writes for the Friendly Atheist on Patheos. In it he draws our attention to serious issues … Continue reading

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Anti-Atheist Prejudice (Part 1) (SS#8)

Over the next several weeks I will be reviewing the literature regarding prejudice towards atheists in what will ultimately become a comprehensive literature review. This review, once complete, should suffice to say, “Prejudice against atheists is rampant.” Most, if not … Continue reading

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The Is-Ought Dilemma: And How a Young Suicide Bomber Learned Nothing

All we can talk about today is the reported suicide attack in Iraq by Australian teen and convert to Islam, Jake Bilardi. Jake defected from his home country and middle class Melbourne family to join the Islamic State (IS) with dreams … Continue reading

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Response to “10 Signs Christianity Is on the Rise”

I woke up this morning to find this article by Tom Hoopes titled “10 Signs Christianity Is on the Rise.” I read these kinds of things from time to time, and usually they leave my desk with no comment. But when … Continue reading

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Stem Cells and Parkinson’s Disease (SS#7)

Do you remember when “stem cell” was a bad word in the American religious context, conjuring fears of mass abortions to fund mad scientists “playing god”? Thankfully that was a long time ago and human embryonic stem cell research in … Continue reading

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Request for Help Finding Medical Article: “Evidence supporting the biologic nature of gender identity”

My university is a liberal arts university with an extraordinarily small medical school that doesn’t offer anything resembling an MD. At best we offer a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing. Therefore, my school has not joined in any partnership … Continue reading

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Self-Immolation and the Threat of Hell: Why Is Hell Insufficient to Prevent Altruism?

In my academic life I’ve been called a person who is interested in the “strange.” While most people in my field research the international political economy or diplomacy, I’m out there researching suicide protest and — the latest interest of … Continue reading

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