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Bible Contradictions #18: Who was Moses’ father in law?

When Moses was a wanted criminal for murdering an Egyptian who did nothing more than strike a Hebrew, he stopped by┬áMidian to white knight a group of women who were being hassled by some blue collared workers. When one of … Continue reading

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God’s cruelty misplaced?: the Philistines and the ark

I could go on and on about god’s cruelty in both the old and new testaments (and I probably will soon), but first I want to get into a wanton display of cruelty against a completely innocent group of people. … Continue reading

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These murderers are now in heaven; many of their victims are in hell

If you buy the heaven myth, then you gotta buy the whole myth. Even serial killers get a ticket to heaven if they meet the following requisites: accept Jesus as your lord and savior and ask forgiveness for your sins. … Continue reading

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Bible Contradictions #17: Are sins forgiven?

I posted about Mark 3:28-29 before, but I wanted to hit this one home again. The bible is full of passages speaking about god forgiving sins. We can rape, murder, commit acts of wanton genocide, and blaspheme against god and … Continue reading

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The Quran is basically just a book of threats (against pretty much everyone)

My Muslim roommate gave me a copy of the Quran, telling me that if I read it I will “surely become a Muslim, as everyone who studies religion will find the truth in this book.” I spent two evenings reading … Continue reading

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The bible doesn’t understand physics: Baffling blunder in the Book of Joshua

Yesterday I wrote about how Joshua became the only person in the bible who commanded god to do something that god actually did. It wasn’t a prayer, a plea for help; it was a demand. Basically, in order to win … Continue reading

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Is prayer not working? Try commanding god to help you!

The Old Testament is chock full of military conquests of god’s chosen people over nonbelievers and polytheists. The Book of Joshua is a prime example. Joshua was commander of one such pre-crusades crusade. He sacks Jericho, saving a lone inhabitant: … Continue reading

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