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Morality and Ethics Are So Simple, I Don’t Need to Write a Damned Thing

I think most atheists and otherwise non-religious people would agree; one of the most common questions we’re asked is “Where do you get your morals from?” Often the question is an honest inquiry, a question open to discussion and open … Continue reading

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Getting to Know Me: A Brief Bio

The weatherman last night called for three to six inches of snow, a minor inconvenience. I was surprised when I got up this morning to find my car buried under a foot of snow, which is unusual for this coastal … Continue reading

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Republican Primary Voters’ Polling Data: Let’s Make the US a Christian Nation

Today I came across this report from Public Policy Polling after the group polled a few hundred Republican Primary voters. A brief methodology is attached to their report: PPP surveyed 316 Republican primary voters from February 20th to 22nd. The … Continue reading

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Bible Contradictions #55: How Old Was Benjamin When He Came to Egypt?

In this episode of the Bible Contradictions, I’m going to expose a contradiction that often — by most efforts to understand the bible — goes unnoticed. The question we will ask the bible is how old was Benjamin when he came … Continue reading

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Teaching Evolution and Moral Panic (SS#5)

In today’s episode of Science Sunday, I will be discussing a rather dated article from Sociological Viewpoints, Fall 2005, titled “The Quasi-Theory of Godlessness in America: Implications of Opposition to Evolution for Sociological Theory.” As a general rule for SS I … Continue reading

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Taking on the Burden of Proof

I’m going to make this very short. Today I had a conversation with a non-religious man who believed in some vague, nondescript god. At some point in the conversation, the issue of the burden of proof came up. I accepted the … Continue reading

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The Islamic State through Three Waltzian Lenses: An Analysis in IR Theory

In 1959 heavy-hitting, contemporary political scientist Kenneth Waltz published Man, the State, and War, a required reading for both undergraduate and graduate students in international politics. It’s often the fist book students of politics read because it gives them an … Continue reading

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