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Morality and Ethics Are So Simple, I Don’t Need to Write a Damned Thing

I think most atheists and otherwise non-religious people would agree; one of the most common questions we’re asked is “Where do you get your morals from?” Often the question is an honest inquiry, a question open to discussion and open … Continue reading

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Getting to Know Me: A Brief Bio

The weatherman last night called for three to six inches of snow, a minor inconvenience. I was surprised when I got up this morning to find my car buried under a foot of snow, which is unusual for this coastal … Continue reading

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Republican Primary Voters’ Polling Data: Let’s Make the US a Christian Nation

Today I came across this report from Public Policy Polling after the group polled a few hundred Republican Primary voters. A brief methodology is attached to their report: PPP surveyed 316 Republican primary voters from February 20th to 22nd. The … Continue reading

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Bible Contradictions #55: How Old Was Benjamin When He Came to Egypt?

In this episode of the Bible Contradictions, I’m going to expose a contradiction that often — by most efforts to understand the bible — goes unnoticed. The question we will ask the bible is how old was Benjamin when he came … Continue reading

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Teaching Evolution and Moral Panic (SS#5)

In today’s episode of Science Sunday, I will be discussing a rather dated article from Sociological Viewpoints, Fall 2005, titled “The Quasi-Theory of Godlessness in America: Implications of Opposition to Evolution for Sociological Theory.” As a general rule for SS I … Continue reading

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Taking on the Burden of Proof

I’m going to make this very short. Today I had a conversation with a non-religious man who believed in some vague, nondescript god. At some point in the conversation, the issue of the burden of proof came up. I accepted the … Continue reading

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The Islamic State through Three Waltzian Lenses: An Analysis in IR Theory

In 1959 heavy-hitting, contemporary political scientist Kenneth Waltz published Man, the State, and War, a required reading for both undergraduate and graduate students in international politics. It’s often the fist book students of politics read because it gives them an … Continue reading

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ISIS Shows Christians What True Persecution Is

ISIS is great at making terrible and extremely graphic and overproduced propaganda films. In the latest piece to cross my desk, an ISIS branch in Libya parades 21 Egyptian Coptic Christian men onto a beach in Northern Libya. The orange … Continue reading

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Trusting Atheists: Remember Kids, the Police Exist (SS#4)

There’s a general consensus that atheists are to be distrusted. Without belief of an all powerful being who ultimately serves as a judge, jury, and executioner for all of our earthly transgressions, who’s to say atheists aren’t breaking any and … Continue reading

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When I win, Everyone Wins: Burning Flags Does Not a Failure Make

A few months back my criticism of the Islamic State reached a point many felt had obviously crossed a line. In response to a movement my friends began in Beirut, Lebanon, I made two videos (Part 1 and Part 2) … Continue reading

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