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Book Review: Sacred and Secular

Sacred and Secular: Religion and Politics Worldwide by Ronald Inglehart and Pippa Norris (2004) is an empirical study into the postmodern society, which sounds like an oxymoron; however, postmodernism as a field is too vast, by definition, to result in useful knowledge. … Continue reading

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What should atheists read? A brief bibliography

The short answer to the question in the title is: There is no essential reading list for non-believers. While many might argue the books by Hitchens, Dawkins, Dennett, and Harris are indispensable, atheists reading about atheism is merely an exercise … Continue reading

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Fox News readers lose their shit over Tyson Christmas tweets

I’m sure most of you are already aware of the humorous tweets physicist Neil deGrasse Tyson sent out on Christmas. If you’re not, I’m linking a news article about them here. The linked article comes from Fox News, which I … Continue reading

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An alternative to secular Christmas music: That Detroit Soul!

It’s that time of year again when ex-Christian non-believers must accept the shackles of their former religious upbringings. While December 25 — to us — is just another day on the calendar, no more worthy of special treatment than December … Continue reading

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Should Christians bring back the beard?

The short answer to the question I pose in the title is, unfortunately, no. They have no reason to. Christianity is more about grace than it is about grooming practices. Contrary to a few other religions, Christianity does not teach that … Continue reading

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Want to test your cognitive dissonance?

I don’t have much for you today. Lately I’ve been much more interested in reading than writing, but I came across an article from the BBC today titled “Will religion ever disappear?” It’s a wonderfully written piece by Rachel Nuwer. Honestly, … Continue reading

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We’re the reason creationists are crazy

I’ve mentioned cognitive dissonance a lot in my blogs. It’s a problem that plagues practically every thought we ever have. Everything from politics to philosophy, from medicine to physics, from music to television, cognitive dissonance is a bitch. If you’re … Continue reading

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This is how religious people and everyone else should approach morality

I sat for a seminar today (I know, how fun), and the woman proctoring the seminar was a case worker for a neighboring city’s juvenile and domestic relations court. When she gave examples to explain the concepts she was presenting, … Continue reading

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It’s time to take the “X” out of Xmas

Warning: Satire. It’s been a long, unproductive day. I figured I’d continue in my unproductiveness and make this post. For what feels like centuries Christians have been trying to put “Christ” back into Christmas, whatever the hell that even means. … Continue reading

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