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10 best songs ever written by god (in my opinion)

Jumping off my last post, as well as one I wrote earlier this year, I’m a giant music fan. Eclectic tastes doesn’t do it justice; I listen to everything from calypso to country, from Motown to metal, from rock to rap, … Continue reading

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A Christian blues lover: Satan is the author of the blues

I’m a huge fan of the blues. I play drums and sing in a blues band. And when I’m not onstage, one can often find me attending all-Saturday night juke joint-esque live blues clubs. These events are like no other … Continue reading

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The most annoying thing about being a skeptic

Note: This post is not about atheism or religion. It’s not even about skepticism in general. It’s about me. But I’m sure other skeptics out there feel the same way I do. I’m not a huge fan of the science fiction … Continue reading

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Cancer doesn’t care about Jesus

I found the following image floating around the Internet yesterday, and I had to shake my head in disapproval. Cancer doesn’t fear Jesus. Cancer doesn’t have a central nervous system capable of forming any emotions, not even fear of 2,000-year-old … Continue reading

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The worst argument in politics: God

Remember when we were small children, completely ignorant to domestic politics, completely unaware that foreign policy and global politics existed? When we were mere lads and lasses we couldn’t care less about what those men in suits said who kept our … Continue reading

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Do Americans have freedom FROM religion? Actually, yes (two SCOTUS cases)

Americans indeed have a right to not be forced to practice a religion, any religion. We have rights to not be subjected to a state endorsement of one religion over another, or over irreligion. These are inalienable rights; however, some … Continue reading

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The beard is not just a right for Muslims: How religious exemptions hurt everyone

I love beards. You can often find me sporting a beard of any variety — from the porn ‘stache (some call it a pedo ‘stache, but let’s not change the subject) to a full length mountain man beard that rivals … Continue reading

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Church of “Spirits”: An alternative to sacramental wine

Holy communion is a method of contracting obligating promising oneself to follow some guy from 2,000 years ago. But the sharing of the chalice is potentially dangerous, especially for people who may or may not know their immune system is suppressed. Furthermore, … Continue reading

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The Straw Man in Theology: Everyone gets religion wrong

As social constructs, religions epitomize the old adage, “There’s nothing natural about [fill in the blank].” This is a statement used to challenge systemic approaches to explain social phenomena. In my field it’s a great quip to mitigate anarchy. Or … Continue reading

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