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The Atheist and the Retired Minister: Strange conversation about knowledge

I spent much of Thanksgiving behind the wheel, driving along a two lane highway through what can only be described as the rural farmland hills of the Bible Belt. We were far from the Interstate. Along the way I passed … Continue reading

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Reasons why both believers and non-believers should do volunteer work

Charity is not solely the domain of the devout. While religious organizations indeed greatly contribute to the social well-being of their communities through encouraging people to volunteer their services (see chapter six, page 87), non-religious people share and fulfill a … Continue reading

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Addressing the weakness of our data and arguments: A responsibility for all

Knowledge is very difficult to come by. While knowledge might not require certainty, certainty is the utopia for which all science and philosophy strives. In the mean time — while we wind our way through the maze of knowledge to, at … Continue reading

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Why this blog doesn’t matter

In writing and administering The Atheist Papers, I try to be as intellectually honest as possible. Some things may fall through the cracks (such as not addressing the weakness of one of my bible contradictions) because — let me be … Continue reading

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Religions in Battlestar Galactica: Which one is right?

I once mentioned on this blog that I’m a fan of Battlestar Galactica. The series is filled to the brim with religious overtones. The only atheist on the show is a brilliant but bumbling buffoon who spends the entire series narrowly … Continue reading

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Gearing up for war on Xmas: New weapon ensures victory

Because the War on Xmas is a very real war with bloodshed and civilian casualties on both sides, I’m beginning to feel that the only way for the Atheist Army to defeat the Christian God Warriors is to use disproportionately violent … Continue reading

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Why “I don’t know” works: an example using statistical analysis

In academic and professional research there is a simple phrase that is not only acceptable; it also sets the stage for future research. The phrase is “I don’t know.” I could have posted this on one of my other blogs, but … Continue reading

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Bible Contradictions #54: How many false prophets are there?

I haven’t posted a bible contradiction in a long time. Long story short, I never backed up my .psd files for the images, and after I suffered a loss of data I grew lazy about creating a new template. But … Continue reading

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New ISIS Flag Design Unveiled

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