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Quran Contradictions #4: Is alcohol ok?

When I lived in Beirut I was surrounded by booze. From the nightclubs in Gemmayze to the pubs in Hamra, alcohol was a part of a balanced breakfast (quite literally). Although not technically legal to drink on the streets, the … Continue reading

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Bible Contradictions #37: Did god appear to Moses in the burning bush?

Everyone knows the story about when Moses ate some psychedelic mushrooms and saw god in a burning bush (or something like that). But not everyone knows that the bible is confused about whether or not it was god or an … Continue reading

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When god is not there: Faith and prayer are meaningless in the face of tragedy

I’ve been absent from the Atheist Papers for a little over two weeks, my┬álongest stretch without making a post yet. Without getting into too many personal details, I’ll sum up the story like this: On 30 May 2014 my family … Continue reading

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