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God’s Music (Part 2)

A while ago I posted about my favorite music ever written in praise of (mostly the) Christian god. Consider this part two. Blind Willie Johnson (1897 – 1945), an almost preacher who picked up a cigar box guitar as a … Continue reading

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Rant about Brexit and Hume’s Guillotine

[[Per the title, this post really is a rant.]] As a political scientist whose background includes an extensive study of international cooperation, the Brexit referendum was an event that drew out the most curiosity I’ve ever felt during my career. … Continue reading

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Should Social Expectations Follow Naturally from Anyone’s Beliefs?

I’m vegan. I chose this lifestyle for personal, moral reasons. Living a life that causes the least amount of harm as possible is the only way I know to live. I gave up animal products on August 1, 2007, and I never … Continue reading

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Using Bayes’ Rule to Disprove Jesus Is a Double-Edged Sword

Last year historian Richard Carrier published On the Historicity of Jesus: Why We Might Have Reason for Doubt. While I haven’t read it (and therefore don’t plan on critiquing it now), it is on my reading list. As a grad student … Continue reading

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A Fairly Good Logical Argument for the Historical Jesus (by an Agnostic Professor)

When it comes to the historical Jesus—the question, did Jesus exist?—I’ve always been a skeptic. Although historians almost universally agree that he did exist, I’m a little more cautious about this question because there’s zero extra biblical evidence contemporary to the … Continue reading

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I Need Input from Christians: Textual Variants

In preparation for a short documentary film I’m making about textual variants in the Bible, I would like to pose a question aimed strictly at Christians—both Catholic and Protestant—and ex-Christians. People of other religions and non-ex-Christian atheists (et al) are … Continue reading

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Stop with the Easter Jesus Zombie Jokes: Jesus Was Obviously a Werewolf

Easter is coming up, and with it our social media accounts will be flooded with generic “Jesus was a zombie” jokes. The first thousand times you see them, they might garner a mild chuckle, but after that they drift into … Continue reading

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