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God’s Music (Part 2)

A while ago I posted about my favorite music ever written in praise of (mostly the) Christian god. Consider this part two. Blind Willie Johnson (1897 – 1945), an almost preacher who picked up a cigar box guitar as a … Continue reading

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Rant about Brexit and Hume’s Guillotine

[[Per the title, this post really is a rant.]] As a political scientist whose background includes an extensive study of international cooperation, the Brexit referendum was an event that drew out the most curiosity I’ve ever felt during my career. … Continue reading

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Should Social Expectations Follow Naturally from Anyone’s Beliefs?

I’m vegan. I chose this lifestyle for personal, moral reasons. Living a life that causes the least amount of harm as possible is the only way I know to live. I gave up animal products on August 1, 2007, and I never … Continue reading

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Using Bayes’ Rule to Disprove Jesus Is a Double-Edged Sword

Last year historian Richard Carrier published On the Historicity of Jesus: Why We Might Have Reason for Doubt. While I haven’t read it (and therefore don’t plan on critiquing it now), it is on my reading list. As a grad student … Continue reading

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A Fairly Good Logical Argument for the Historical Jesus (by an Agnostic Professor)

When it comes to the historical Jesus—the question, did Jesus exist?—I’ve always been a skeptic. Although historians almost universally agree that he did exist, I’m a little more cautious about this question because there’s zero extra biblical evidence contemporary to the … Continue reading

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I Need Input from Christians: Textual Variants

In preparation for a short documentary film I’m making about textual variants in the Bible, I would like to pose a question aimed strictly at Christians—both Catholic and Protestant—and ex-Christians. People of other religions and non-ex-Christian atheists (et al) are … Continue reading

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Stop with the Easter Jesus Zombie Jokes: Jesus Was Obviously a Werewolf

Easter is coming up, and with it our social media accounts will be flooded with generic “Jesus was a zombie” jokes. The first thousand times you see them, they might garner a mild chuckle, but after that they drift into … Continue reading

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Fox News readers lose their shit over Tyson Christmas tweets

I’m sure most of you are already aware of the humorous tweets physicist Neil deGrasse Tyson sent out on Christmas. If you’re not, I’m linking a news article about them here. The linked article comes from Fox News, which I … Continue reading

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It’s time to take the “X” out of Xmas

Warning: Satire. It’s been a long, unproductive day. I figured I’d continue in my unproductiveness and make this post. For what feels like centuries Christians have been trying to put “Christ” back into Christmas, whatever the hell that even means. … Continue reading

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The Atheist and the Retired Minister: Strange conversation about knowledge

I spent much of Thanksgiving behind the wheel, driving along a two lane highway through what can only be described as the rural farmland hills of the Bible Belt. We were far from the Interstate. Along the way I passed … Continue reading

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