Whites and blacks should not mix because that’s how god loses his power

Here’s another gem I found on the Black Atheists Facebook page.

stop mixing races for god

It was posted with the following commentary: “This is from a chick I went to high school with. Usually, I can agree with a lot of her posts but this right here is just ignorance to the fullest.”

I couldn’t agree more. But it’s not merely ignorance; it’s also pretty insane.

First let’s get the scientific stuff out of the way. The author says “I’ve never seen a lion and a panther mate.” Yes you have!! She obviously doesn’t understand scientific classification. Panthera is the genus to which all lions, tigers, leopards, and jaguars belong. In this sense, the mere act of a lion mating with a lioness is technically “a lion and a panther” mating. Furthermore, pretty much every species in the Panthera genus can successfully mate, and many of these hybrids can mate with other hybrids, causing an animal with DNA from four different species within the Panthera genus.* There’s an entire Wikipedia page set up for the Panthera hybrids. As for the birds comment, she’s wrong again. Interspecies bird mating is quite normal.

Second, as many people in the comments to the original post pointed out, this woman appears to believe that black and white people belong to two separate species. That’s just absurd.

Third, this is coming from a woman whose entire race in the US has been enslaved, subjugated, tortured, murdered, and faced countless forms of mistreatment for centuries. And as I pointed out in another post, this was all done in the name of Jesus. And this doesn’t even mention her little racist jab at white people, calling them “history-less confused ass demon people” who are “crazy.” She should know better than to spread racism in the name of god!

Oh yeah. The god bit, which takes up half of her mini-rant. She actually believes god values melanin and gives people with more of it more power. What the hell?! What exactly is power?! Is it the same thing as “energy”? Seriously, I’ve never understood that word used in religious contexts. She then says that the whiter you are, the more likely it is that you’ll turn to cannibalism and develop schizophrenia because white people are not “descendants from God.” In order to stop this from happening the sacred god blood should remain pure. Sigh.

Even though her post was relatively short, it is filled to the brim with insanity. This is one of the craziest things I’ve ever read. And, judging from the commentary from the woman who shared this image, we have no reason to think this is Poe, even though that was my first instinct.

I guess I’ll end my rant with a little more biology. Dear OP (who will probably never read this because I don’t even know her identity), you do know that when people have sex, their blood isn’t actually mixing, right? Here’s a lesson in sexual reproduction for you.

*Post edit: This is quite rare, as many hybrids are sterile.

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  2. Sometimes you have to just back out of the room quietly and shut the door.

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