Why this blog doesn’t matter

In writing and administering The Atheist Papers, I try to be as intellectually honest as possible. Some things may fall through the cracks (such as not addressing the weakness of one of my bible contradictions) because — let me be obvious — this website is a hobby, and it’s not very important to me. In academic and professional research I would never allow myself to make an error in logic, and if I still did I would correct my mistake publicly. But even if I control for the mistakes I make while throwing together a post about a bible contradiction in five minutes, this blog still shouldn’t matter. It shouldn’t matter because it’s philosophy with precisely zero more authority than religious philosophies.

Religious philosophies don’t explain anything, and neither does a blog making fun of them. And I grow quite frustrated when people take what I say about religion seriously enough to throw temper tantrums when they disagree with it. If one disagrees with my personal take on something religious, it should be taken no more seriously than if one disagrees with my personal favorite song by Pink Floyd. It’s really not that important.

But that doesn’t mean that everything I say is unimportant. Where philosophy matters is in the realm of harm. “Do no harm” should be the first priority in philosophy, religions included.* If I criticize a religious teaching that does or promotes harm, and if you jump on my back because you think your religion allows you to harm others, then you’re the asshole, not I.

*Then again, this falls under the purview of the is-ought problem. The is-ought problem proclaims that we can’t know how the world ought to be because we can’t agree on how it ought to be, and furthermore we can’t even agree on how it is. We can fix this by gutting the idea of objective morality, but I doubt religious people would be willing to give it up. I might imagine, therefore, that many non-religious people would enjoy this post for being an honest critique of the self and its religious counterparts, while many religious people would scoff at an imaginary straw man, attributing all of the weaknesses to non-religion and proclaiming “My religion is better than your philosophy.” I hope this isn’t the case.

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3 Responses to Why this blog doesn’t matter

  1. The English translation of this post is:

    “I’m so full of crap that even I have to admit it.”

    Or how about:

    “All my posts are me doing mental masturbation. Get out and leave me alone!”

    All righty then.

    • iblogforonlyme says:

      Or also, “I’m not so full of myself that I assume I’m always right like 99% of the population”

      Or even

      “Why are you taking yourselves so seriously? Please take your issues and project them elsewhere instead of on me”.

      Seriously did you even read this post?

  2. ktrinh4213 says:

    Reblogged this on Chicken _____. You fill in the blank and commented:
    From fellow blogger, The Atheist Papers. I think it’s safe to say that I full agree with his sentiments. No one should ever take my word, my writing, as the final authority on anything, let alone any kind of philosophy. If you happen to agree with me, great. Share it with others and inspire discussion. If not, then we just so happen to disagree.

    This is just a blog to record my thoughts, to exercise my critic thinking, and for you to read them. If my opinion offends you, then stop reading my stuff and move on. If you do like what I write, then please comment, like, follow, etc. It really does mean a lot to me every time I get a new notification that someone likes one of my posts and is following my blog.

    I’d like to think my blog matters, but in the end, it doesn’t. Not objectively, at least. To state the obvious, it only matters to those to whom it has value.

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