In preparation for upcoming post: Atheists and Anger

One of the things I like most about academia is my ability to get ahold of soon-to-be-published research articles prior to their publication date.* When I come across these articles I’m given a chance to read it at my leisure, without my understanding of it being biased by other readers. Then, once I’m certain others have read the article, we’ll discuss its strengths, weaknesses, and impact on the gaps in our knowledge. One of these articles came out recently, and I wanted to take the general idea to the Internet before I write my critique. Let’s hear from you.

I’ll publish my critique as part of my new Science Sunday series.

The basic questions the researchers ask are: 1) Are atheists viewed by theists and the general public as angry? And 2) are atheists more likely to be angry?

Without getting into the findings of the research yet, I want to know your takes on these questions. And I hope you’ll elaborate. For example, if you think atheists are angry people, why?

If you have a lot of ideas about these questions, feel free to write a blog post, link back to this one, and I’ll read your ideas and comment on them.

*Actually, all of you can do this some of the time. Some researchers like to publish articles through their universities’ websites in addition to paywall protected journals.

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I'm a political scientist.
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