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Why Objective Morality Can Be Bad

Previously I’ve tackled the objective morality question, arguing, in part, that we can all agree that certain acts are immoral. These include things like murder, rape, and torture. If we all agree these things are wrong, then we have a … Continue reading

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“Divine Wind”: New research supports 13th century “Kamikaze” typhoon legends

In this episode of Science Sunday, I’m leaving behind religious discussions and opening up Geology, January 2015; v. 43; no. 1; p. 91–94 to a rather interesting article titled, “Depositional evidence for the Kamikaze typhoons and links to changes in typhoon climatology.” … Continue reading

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A Brief Analysis of the ISIS Problem Post-Burning Video

“ISIS Burns Jordanian Pilot Alive” has been a major headline in the news during the last two days. It’s such a major story that the news articles of the Jordanian executions of Sajida al-Rishawi and Ziad al-Karbouli have been swallowed by … Continue reading

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Science Sunday #2: Atheism and Anger

In the upcoming May 2015 issue of The Journal of Psychology: Interdisciplinary and Applied (Vol. 149 Issue 3, p219) researchers from Gettysburg College, North Dakota State University, and Lebanon Valley College ask whether or not people view atheists as angry individuals and … Continue reading

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