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Maintain Skepticism, Even about Science

I have just finished an econometrics replication project using STATA. I’m not going to identify the paper I replicated or its authors in this post because I have not yet contacted them for clarity. But my basic finding was this: … Continue reading

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Doctor Who and the Atheist Years

It’s pretty amazing the things you’ll find when perusing the results on EBSCOhost or some other database of scientific literature. Sometimes people take research to very interesting areas. Pop culture being one that I don’t spend a lot of time … Continue reading

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Upcoming Research: Christians, Jews, Muslims, and Altruistic Suicide

It’s summer again, and I have a few short months to do independent research of my liking before getting into the deep again. In late August I’ll be starting a rather intensive Modeling and Simulations program at The Virginia Modeling, Analysis … Continue reading

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Anti-Atheist Prejudice (Part 5): What We Know So Far

[Published a day early because I will be very busy tomorrow] Anti-Atheist prejudice is an under-studied phenomenon, seemingly viewed by academics as systemic but not important or, by lay people, as irrelevant. Whatever the case may be prejudice against atheists … Continue reading

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Anti-Atheist Prejudice (Part 3) (SS#10)

For the past two weeks I’ve been reviewing the academic literature about anti-atheist prejudice in the US (here and here). In both reviews I’ve explained some recommended prejudice mitigating factors and even offered some of my own. This week I’ll … Continue reading

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Anti-Atheist Prejudice (Part 2) (SS#9)

If everyone in the world believed in god except me, there wouldn’t be much of a reason to form prejudices against me. At worst you’d probably just think I’m crazy. I wouldn’t be perceived as a threat. I’d just be … Continue reading

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Anti-Atheist Prejudice (Part 1) (SS#8)

Over the next several weeks I will be reviewing the literature regarding prejudice towards atheists in what will ultimately become a comprehensive literature review. This review, once complete, should suffice to say, “Prejudice against atheists is rampant.” Most, if not … Continue reading

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