The Armoured Skeptic: The Best Youtube Channel? Yes.

I’m taking this opportunity to turn you all on to my favorite Youtuber, the Armoured Skeptic, North America’s funniest and greatest contribution to online videographers’ take on religious claims. If you’re not familiar with him, please, please take a half hour out of your day to watch one of his videos. This one is particularly good.

Screenshot AS

The Armoured Skeptic is a project of Canadian filmmaker Sir Skeptalot. In his often 30 minute short films, he takes on the claims of creationists and religious fanatics who bastardize scientific findings to support their beliefs. He breaks them down and debunks them point by point, using comedy to deliver the deadly blows.

His videos are also some of the highest quality videos you’ll find in the genre. Instead of crappy webcam videos, like I make, Sir Skeptalot dedicates immense talent to create highly visually stimulating shorts. He only produces one or two videos a month, but once you see the workmanship that goes into each video, you’ll realize why it takes so long. Plus his videos are so good that they’re worth the wait.

The Armoured Skeptic’s full Youtube channel can be found here.

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I'm a political scientist.
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