Sacrificing Posts for Better Posts

Up until a few months ago I tried to post at a minimum of every other day. My goal was to be a prolific poster, mainly criticizing the bible. This is not all the writing I do, however. When I started graduate school many years ago my advisor told me to write two pages, single-spaced about everything I read: one page for a summary, and one page for a critique. I’ve been doing that ever since; however, those two pages sometimes swell to five, as I weave the readings together to make my analyses look more like a conversation amongst scientists. This is how I spend most of my time.

A few months ago I decided to begin a new section on this blog titled “Science Sundays,” where I use the skills I learned early on in my academic career to help explain the scientific literature to my readers. Most of what I’ve tackled so far has dealt with religion or atheism in some context, but let’s face it; I’m a political scientist, not a psychologist or a sociologist. Therefore I had to get up-to-speed. This necessarily meant one thing: something had to give.

By doing the Science Sunday posts, I am now dedicating a lot of my spare time to researching things outside my field. This means I have to sacrifice posts on this blog (I can’t sacrifice my academic research). Particularly, I have to sacrifice my Bible Contradictions posts. My Bible Contradictions posts make up about 80% of my page clicks, so I’m sacrificing something people actually want to read in order to spend more time writing posts that collectively make up about 2% of my page clicks. This is not necessarily a complaint.

While I wish people would engage my science-related posts more than bible contradictions, I’m just happy people are questioning their religious beliefs. I hope when they come here they look around, maybe read a Science Sunday post or two, and develop a healthy fascination with the scientific method that rivals their wavering religious beliefs.

Anyway, the point of this post, for anyone who’s wondered why my posting has slowed, is that I don’t post as often because I’m working on better posts. And often in order to summarize a recent publication, I have to crack open a few undergraduate books just to get a grasp on certain theoretical elements that are foreign to me. I’m having a lot of fun doing it. I actually think it’s helping me better grasp my own field. Or at least giving me ideas of how I can incorporate other fields’ findings into international politics.

PS. Tomorrow’s Science Sunday post is finished and ready to be published. You’re gonna enjoy this one.

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I'm a political scientist.
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