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Should Atheists Lie about Beliefs for Love?

My girlfriend is Christian. She holds no judgements against me for not believing in god. Religion is never a topic of discussion, unless it’s in an academic sense or if it’s necessary to discuss a current event. She not only … Continue reading

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Confessing Atheism to Christian Love Interest

In a followup to my last post, where I discussed an interesting theology presented to me by a romantic interest, I have some more interesting news. To recap: I’m seeing a religious black girl who¬†worships Jesus as a personal savior, … Continue reading

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Divine Intervention: When “god” interferes with our relationships

I recently wrote about how religion is often used to exclude people of other faiths and non-faiths from their romantic relationships, and how this is an example of modern-day religious extremism. But I have much, much more to say about … Continue reading

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Relationships are about love, not Jesus

I found this image floating around on the Internet the other day. At first I chuckled, but then I realized how messed up this image is. The author of this image (and indeed anyone who agrees with it) is essentially … Continue reading

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