Reason for Absence and New Material

Lately I haven’t been posting… well, anything. When it comes to religious beliefs, practices, and idiotic policies I have a lot to say; however, I really haven’t had time to formulate coherent blog posts. I have a lot of fun with this blog, so naturally I’m a little disappointed. But there is a reason for this lapse in creative writing:

My university offered me a Graduate Research Assistant position, which I happily accepted.

This also means I did not have a chance to finish my summer research into the religious contexts of self-immolation. Therefore, like many academic ventures, it goes to the back burner. I am also a little disappointed in this, but perhaps I can persuade a professor interested in narratives to help me with this research in the future. My new position might help facilitate such a collaboration.

During the last year I have put a lot more thought into these blog posts, which have increasingly been used to facilitate a discussion about aspects of religion and atheism through a scientific lens. I am beginning to think, however, that between my Modeling and Simulation studies in International Studies, my graduate research position, and my full time PhD workload, I should lay off of the depth—maybe focus more on criticizing current events as they unfold. Or maybe I could get back into my Bible/Quran contradictions posts.

This blog is a lot of fun to write, so don’t read between any lines. But my university also started a WordPress site specifically for students to write about their academic studies, so I think I’ll also be able to write about my research, my assignments, and the discussions I have with peers. That should be just as fun. Unfortunately, I won’t be sharing any of that here; however, if you’re interested in reading these posts, I am more than willing to point you toward the new blog (as long as I’m previously familiar with you as a blogger).

Of course, every once in a while something in-depth will make an inevitable appearance here.

About Rayan Zehn

I'm a political scientist.
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