Bible Contradictions Explained: Apologist Replies to My Series

I was recently contacted by a Christian apologist, asking permission if he could use the content of my list of bible contradictions in order to rebut them in Youtube videos. My interest was immediately piqued. Although I have probably abandoned the series, I was surprised because no one bothers to ask my permission to use anything on this site! Indeed, as has probably happened to many other bloggers, often my posts are stolen in toto without permission and posted to commercial websites, where the owners receive advertising revenue at my expense. So of course I said yes (he has not monetized his videos, but even if he had I would still let him use my material).

The video series in question can be found on Davids Goliath’s youtube channel. The series is titled “Bible Contradictions Explained,” and currently he has uploaded videos for the first three contradictions in the series.

To be honest to David, however, I hope he doesn’t expect to win me over as a convert, but I believe it’s important to engage in conversation with those whose beliefs are so divergent from mine. Besides, he might succeed in convincing me that a certain contradiction is not actually a contradiction at all. I’m interested in the truth, so this too is important to me.

Unfortunately, like I stated, I’ve moved on from the contradiction series to other things in my field, so I will not be responding to his rebuttals, but, like anyone who believes in dialogue should do, he has left open his comments section on his videos. Feel free to watch and offer him any feedback/criticisms/questions.

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I'm a political scientist.
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1 Response to Bible Contradictions Explained: Apologist Replies to My Series

  1. S Vetter says:

    I have read a number of your acclaimed contradictions of the Bible. One of the most common things I’ve noticed? You ignore the context of the verse you’re using, or you have not looked at the whole picture. Example, you referenced an Old Testament passage about circumcision of it being in effect. Likewise you referenced a passage from Galatians that said if you receive it, that Christ will be of no benefit to you. At least be honest with the Bible if you’re going to use it. A well studied student of the Bible should understand the Old Law has been done away with. Jesus came to fulfill it, He did, and then at the cross it was done away. The book of Galatians itself is a book about Christians who were being persuaded by Jews to try to follow the Old Law as well as Christ. And Paul makes it abundantly clear, you can’t. And that while Christ’s covenant has been established, the Old Law is considered a yoke of slavery. The physical act of was typically done to show the commitment to the Old Covenant. The only “circumcision” under the New Covenant of Christ is that in Colossians 2:11-12, where it is symbolic now, when one is baptized. I could talk about other “contradictions” you have written about, but I doubt you want a book to read.

    Anyway, though I don’t agree with you, do understand, I’m not attacking you. Just asking you to be honest with what you’re trying to promote. To claim something about the Bible or any book, it is so important to consider …… context, audience written to, the time frame, the language used, etc.

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