Godless heads of state and government: Atheist leaders around the world

Here’s an image I made showing many of the current and previous atheist heads of state and heads of government. This list is by no means complete. Notable is the fact that the United States is missing from this list. Although many of our founding fathers were Deists, and Abraham Lincoln is suspected to be an atheist, there have been no open non-believers to hold a major position of authority in our government’s administration.

Please, if you know of politicians that I’ve missed, feel free to comment below. Also, if you can attribute some atheism-related quotes to anyone below, send them my way as well.

For obvious reasons I left off controversial figures.
heads of state and government

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10 Responses to Godless heads of state and government: Atheist leaders around the world

  1. psychsatani7 says:

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  2. Reso Ingotelichon says:

    Quite a few of the heads of state mentioned here as atheists are agnostic or simply non-religious.

  3. Kash Basi says:

    I’m not so sure about Pauline Marois. You say you have left off controversial figures – I’d leave her off. By her plan, big religious symbols were banned but smaller ones were ok. So a small visible Christian cross was ok but the turban or burka were out. This had an obvious bias. I am an atheist and was against her plan

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  6. Barry says:

    The current Prime Minister of New Zealand (John Key) is atheist, as was the previous Prime Minister (Helen Clark). Prior to her, I have no idea, as a NZ politician’s religion is seldom known unless the politician wishes to make it so. Generally it’s considered to be a private matter, just as his/her sexuality is.

  7. boskoigic says:

    What about Tsipras?

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