Bible Contradictions #4: Is only god holy?

Revelation 15:4 has us believe that only god is holy, yet in Revelation 22:11 it reverses itself. The bible also contains several other passages that contradict Revelation 15:4. This one, however, is the most important because both verses are taken from the same book!

Bible contradictions 4

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4 Responses to Bible Contradictions #4: Is only god holy?

  1. God is infinite.

    Man is finite.

    Consequently, the holiness of God is infinite.

    And the holiness of man is finite.

    We know that man can only be holy by the grace of God.

    Yet God is holy because holy is what he is.

  2. UnholyChild says:

    This isn’t a contradiction.. “He that is holy, let Him be holy still” is a reference to God and no others.

  3. David says:

    Bible Contradictions #4 Explained is in. I hope you enjoy. God Bless

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