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Upcoming Research: Christians, Jews, Muslims, and Altruistic Suicide

It’s summer again, and I have a few short months to do independent research of my liking before getting into the deep again. In late August I’ll be starting a rather intensive Modeling and Simulations program at The Virginia Modeling, Analysis … Continue reading

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Holocaust Survivors and Godlessness

About a year ago University of Nebraska-Omaha student Jennifer Lassley published a graduate paper in International Social Science Review titled “A Defective Covenant: Abandonment of Faith among Jewish Survivors of the Holocaust.” This paper popped up in an EBSCOhost search a few weeks … Continue reading

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Bible Contradictions #55: How Old Was Benjamin When He Came to Egypt?

In this episode of the Bible Contradictions, I’m going to expose a contradiction that often — by most efforts to understand the bible — goes unnoticed. The question we will ask the bible is how old was Benjamin when he came … Continue reading

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Don’t violate the 9th commandment because you’re too lazy to read

I’m a serial non-commenter. It doesn’t mean I don’t read other people’s blogs — I do. I just don’t always have something to say. Often when I do comment it’s because someone — usually a theist — has violated the … Continue reading

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An immeasurably tall order: The absurdity of belief

I’ve never believed in divine beings. I’ve been an atheist since the day I was born. Acceptance of supernatural beings or events has never developed in my head. I was negligibly instructed in religious thought as a child, but mostly … Continue reading

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My favorite religious teaching: Feeding your animals in Jewish practice

Even “militant” atheists like me can acknowledge when religion gets something morally right. Despite our view that religion is dangerous and detrimental to the progress of our species and our planet, sometimes religion does something that makes my heart warm. … Continue reading

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According to statistical analysis god does not exist

In my field statistical analysis is arguably the most demonstrably powerful tool we have. And given our current quality of technology, it’s incredibly easy. There’s almost no math required! All one must do after formulating their research question, collecting data, … Continue reading

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