Bible Contradictions #9: Who is to blame for original sin?

Bible contradictions 9

The bible appears to be unsure who to blame for original sin entering the world. Abrahamic theists of the world, worry not. This time I’ll also link a Christian response to this contradiction. In it they write “Each one dies, not because of original sin (a phrase which is foreign to the Bible), but because of his own sin (Eze 18:4, 20).” I call BS. I’m pretty sure that even a person without “sin” would die, that is, if medical science is any indication. Furthermore, if this is the case why would babies die from SIDS?

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8 Responses to Bible Contradictions #9: Who is to blame for original sin?

  1. If one is really familiar with Bible and biblical values than there is no contradiction.

    In Genesis we see God give Adam the duty to care for the Garden.

    By letting the serpent into the Garden, Adam failed in his solemn duty to God.

    By being a coward and letting the serpent have his way with Eve, Adam failed in his duty to his wife.

    It makes no difference whether Eve was deceived because as leader of his family, Adam should have jumped on the serpent’s junk and squashed it.

    Instead, later we see Adam making excuses to God and blaming his wife eve.

    The story of Adam and Eve relates mankind’s first cuckold.

    Adam was the bitch, not Eve.

  2. agrudzinsky says:

    I guess, this question is deliberately left open to interpretation. The answer depends on whether you are a man or a woman and whether you are looking to repent and forgive or to justify your own depravity and blame others. This is not a cotradiction in the Bible, this is a contradiction within ourselves.

  3. Lebo says:

    Eve was deceived but sin did not yet enter the world through the man until He got deceived by his wife.

  4. David says:

    Argu, we are under a whole new covenant. You should watch my Bible contradictions #7 video for a more in depth explanation.

    And Lebo, Adam was not deceived, only Eve. The Bible like many writings can be read and then interpreted other ways. This is not how the book was written and meant to be read. It was written from a literal stand point and even if science or reason goes against what is in the Bible, its best to stick to the way the Library was meant to be read, literal, unless obviously otherwise. Often times when this is the case, the Bible will define itself, like say hey, John, you know those freaky beasts you just saw, well heres what they represent.

  5. Nvd says:

    Nowhere does it say Satan has sinned. NOWHERE.
    I tell you the truth: Satan has NOT sinned to this very day. Satan is one of Yahweh heavenly SONS. Job 1:6 Job 2:1
    The serpent told Eve the PERFECT truth. It was Eve who lied to the serpent by changing Yahweh’s WORDS.
    Yahweh NEVER said they could not TOUCH the fruit. NEVER.
    Yahweh said : “in the day you eat thereof: DYING you shall die”.
    Eve changed Yahweh’s words and LIED to Satan.
    The serpent corrected Eve by saying: not dying you shall die.
    Eve thought she would drop dead as soon as she ate of the tree.
    Adam and Eve were living in the millennium. The reason for the thousand years reign of Yahshua is because they failed in Genesis 2 and 3.
    Adam and Eve would have lived for a thousand years if they had not disobeyed Yahweh. But to live for a thousand years they had to eat from the Tree of life.

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