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What happens when Christian children and atheist adults have a conversation about god?

The other day I was visiting a friend. We play in a band together. She has an 11-year-old daughter who, after spending some time with the grandparents, is currently going through some sort of religious awakening to Christianity. The mother, … Continue reading

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Abraham’s Pyramid: How religions built on other religions die

Jumping off of yesterday’s post about evolution negating the religions that rely on Adam and Eve, I have developed what I will call “Abraham’s Pyramid.” The basic premise of Abraham’s Pyramid is as follows: Christian doctrine relies on the validity … Continue reading

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You cannot be a believer in the God of Abraham if you accept evolution

I’ve heard the following argument a million times. It’s so ingrained in human thought that I can’t even remember from where it originated. The argument is as follows: If evolution is true, then Adam and Eve did not exist If … Continue reading

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Bible Contradictions #9: Who is to blame for original sin?

The bible appears to be unsure who to blame for original sin entering the world. Abrahamic theists of the world, worry not. This time I’ll also link a Christian response to this contradiction. In it they write “Each one dies, … Continue reading

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