Quran Contradictions #5: Is slavery ok?

quran contradictions 5

The Christian bible makes no qualms about slavery. It condones it at every twist and turn, even condoning returning runaway slaves to their brutal masters. But the Quran is a little less certain about the morality of slavery.

In Surat Al-Baqarah verse 2:178, Allah appears to condone slavery, at least in regards to how legal code is interpreted. The Quran makes no attempts to condemn slavery in this passage, which is in keeping with the other branches of Abrahamic religion.

But if one skims backwards one verse, they would find that the Quran explicitly calls people who free slaves righteous.

At least in the case of that verse, the Quran exhibits more morality than the bible.

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3 Responses to Quran Contradictions #5: Is slavery ok?

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  2. FLN says:

    Slavery is not Ok in Islam nor any other bloody abrahamic religion. I think now with Internet and people having more access to information and social media, most religions will disappear in few decades.

  3. Muslim says:

    As you have quoted and in many other verses , Allah says that it is great for you to release slave . But your first verse doesn’t points to slavery in anyway . in your first verse , Allah is taking about “Qisas” meaning talion which means a principle that should be equivalent to the crime committed. Allah says that it is obligatory for a Muslim to take qisas of murdered . If slave is murdered , murder the criminal’s slave , if women is murdered, murder criminal’s women , if free man is murdered, murder criminal’s free man. Further in this verse Allah says that if you forgive them then it is obligatory for them to give money to victims family .

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