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Quran Contradictions #9: Did Allah Create the Heavens or Earth First?

In this rather silly contradiction in the Quran there seems to be a lot of confusion about what came first, the earth or the heavens. In the second and forty-first books of the Quran it’s explicitly claimed that Allah created … Continue reading

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My Edited Islamic State Flag Is Now More Popular than Allah Himself

Shortly after last month’s terror attacks in Paris, I noticed a massive surge in views on my page. Beginning on 14 November until the present my post New Isis Flag Unveiled has been the most popular article on this site, sometimes by … Continue reading

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Islamic Narratives of Victimhood: Terror not going away soon

In the years surrounding the US 9/11 attacks we became aware of a strange phenomenon; Islamic terrorists were discussing their plans and goals publicly on Internet forums, without any regard for who may be watching. This was a double edged sword. … Continue reading

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New ISIS Flag Design Unveiled

When I filmed myself burning the Islamic State’s flag I was condemned by Muslims everywhere. The death threats I received from some Muslims were too numerous to count (I’m still receiving them on a semi-daily basis). Why? Because the ISIS flag … Continue reading

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Mohammad’s true quest in America

The Prophet Muhammad was certainly a globetrotting pedophile. Happy Blasphemy Day!!

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An open letter to atheists, Christians, and Muslims about working together to condemn ISIS

My criticism of religion must take a back seat for a moment. Lately I’ve been writing a lot more about ISIS — and with good cause. The Islamic State is the perfect example of what happens when religion goes horribly … Continue reading

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Moralism Islamic terrorists can learn from the Westboro Baptist Church (More death threats)

One of the things I find rather striking about Islam is how quick its members are to lobbing threats of violence and death. As I wrote about before, I received death threats from Muslims and alleged members of ISIS after … Continue reading

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