Bible Contradictions #38: Does god work on the sabbath?

Bible contradictions 38

When people say that Jesus got rid of the old laws or changed them, what they are saying is that Jesus contradicted his father (or himself). That’s what we have here. In the Old Testament god rested on the sabbath, and, indeed, anyone caught working on the sabbath was executed. That’s how seriously primitive people took this rule.

But when Jesus comes around and gets caught working on the sabbath, he’s like, “chill out, bro. Even my dad works on the sabbath,” thus contradicting Genesis.

What’s interesting about this contradiction is that this is precisely the reason why Christians work on the sabbath today. In other words, they live by this contradiction (except the Jehovah’s Witnesses and a few other small cultish sects). It’s incredibly easy to break one of the ten commandments when Jesus says it’s ok.

(Note: I borrowed the comic in the image above from Jared MacPhee. His website can be found here).

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7 Responses to Bible Contradictions #38: Does god work on the sabbath?

  1. “The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath.” ~ Jesus

    If God rested on the 7th day, it’s because he was providing an example to the new creation he had in mind, the human being.

    This post is yet an example of a contradiction that just isn’t there.

    • Cerberus Black says:

      The sabbath was made because men wanted a day off. Shame that you refuse to see this, but we know your mind has been silenced for years. Ha!

      • Cerberus,

        The Sabbath is a Jewish tradition that goes back 1000’s of years. Judaism and Christianity are the only religions that were revealed by God.

        And like the ancient Greeks, the ancient Hebrews discovered the necessity of leisure time in fulfilling his human nature (telos).

        Which means that to understand God basics only requires common sense, something atheists are required to abandon.

      • Cerberus Black says:

        Regarding the sabbath: I already know.

        Revealed by god? Ha!
        Why then dose it copy other religions? There is Greek, Ronan, Egyptian and Babylonian traditions within its texts. So if it were truly a divine inspired work, then why is it not an original piece that has its own tone?…

      • Cerberus,

        God law regarding man conforms to his human nature.

        Since the Greek, Ronan, Egyptian and the Babylonian are as human as you are….

        …well no. The atheist has given up his humanity.

        Never mind…

        Since the Greeks, Ronans, Egyptians and Babylonians are human it is no wonder that they would reason their way to the Sabbath.

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  3. Nathan says:

    I cannot find any information on whether or not Jewish people believed that God never worked on any Sabbath or if he only refrained from his creative work on the seventh day. Your post gives the impression that God takes a break every seven days, but I’m just not able to find any evidence for that anywhere. Perhaps you could point me in the right direction? Thanks!

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