Quran Contradictions #9: Did Allah Create the Heavens or Earth First?


In this rather silly contradiction in the Quran there seems to be a lot of confusion about what came first, the earth or the heavens.

In the second and forty-first books of the Quran it’s explicitly claimed that Allah created the earth before he created the heavens. But later in the seventy-ninth book the entire process is reversed, and heaven is created before he created the earth.

A retort I might hear is that Allah created seven heavens in total, meaning he didn’t have to create them all prior to creating the earth. He could’ve created a few heavens first, then the earth, and then the rest of the heavens. This apology would be false (according to the Quran). The contradiction is complete by reading the first two links; in them Allah created the “seven heavens” (no fewer than seven) after creating the earth.

Ok, maybe there are eight heavens then. We’ll just add an additional secret heaven to the list to make the contradiction disappear.


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I'm a political scientist.
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5 Responses to Quran Contradictions #9: Did Allah Create the Heavens or Earth First?

  1. Yaz says:

    Are you even serious?
    Naziaat 79: “Are you a more difficult creation or is the heaven? Allah constructed it.”
    How could you understand “heaven created before earth” in this?

  2. Ziq says:

    You can’t find fault in the Quran.

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  4. Hasan says:

    Neither of these verses say earth was created first, God finishes creating the earth to pay pay attention to the heaven THAT WAS ALREADY THERE, and makes it into seven heavens

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