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My Edited Islamic State Flag Is Now More Popular than Allah Himself

Shortly after last month’s terror attacks in Paris, I noticed a massive surge in views on my page. Beginning on 14 November until the present my post New Isis Flag Unveiled has been the most popular article on this site, sometimes by … Continue reading

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On Tempting Fate: Not Even Skepticism Can Cure My Irrational Fears

I’m a Ph.D student. I don’t write this to brag or infer that I’m an authority on any subject matter. Instead I write this because it’s central to this one cognitive failure I make again and again. Despite thinking of … Continue reading

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Atheism and Non-Religion in Lebanon: More Common than Thought

As I’ve written about numerous times, I used to live in Beirut, Lebanon. To be more precise, I lived in Hamra, Beirut, Lebanon, which is the intellectual and artistic capital of Lebanon. Filled with universities, startups, cleverly-themed cafes, and a … Continue reading

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Evangelism’s Utility: Or, Lack Thereof

I think most atheists are dumbfounded by evangelical types. The odds are stacked fairly strongly against them. It’s essentially guaranteed that they’ll fail. Thinking about this absurdity, I decided to do some very basic math. How much utility does a … Continue reading

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Google Searches for “ISIS” and “Join ISIS” Compared

The other day I posted about a remarkable surge of people using Google to search for ISIS at a rate that dwarfs the previous 11 years of searches for other terrorist organizations. I discovered this using Google Trends. The visual … Continue reading

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Interest in Islamic State Unprecedented: And Why Do We Care So Much?

[NOTE: Most of this was originally posted to my personal blog yesterday. For this post I’ve made some alterations appropriate to this blog’s theme.] Today I started playing around with Google Trends, a web search analysis of Google searches in real time, … Continue reading

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Confessing Atheism to Christian Love Interest

In a followup to my last post, where I discussed an interesting theology presented to me by a romantic interest, I have some more interesting news. To recap: I’m seeing a religious black girl who worships Jesus as a personal savior, … Continue reading

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Dating a a Secular, Polytheistic, Non-Religious Christian?????

Lately I’ve been seeing a woman—very attractive, met completely randomly. She’s black, which should come as no surprise to anyone who’s been following this blog since its beginning. For those who haven’t: I tend to date women who are not white. … Continue reading

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Analysis of a Cult Death Tape (Jonestown)

Yesterday Sam Harris shared the Jonestown Death Tape on his Twitter account. According to the source it was acquired from an FBI agent’s son. Naturally I couldn’t help but listen to all 44 minutes of it, and let me tell … Continue reading

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ISIS vs. Isis: The Rare Case for Political Correctness

I read this article on the Daily Mail a few days ago, and while it didn’t immediately sink in, an obvious thought resonated in my brain as I pondered the article more fully. In the article an Arizona couple struggled to … Continue reading

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