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What the Hell Happened to Our Fake News?

Being a skeptic is not trite, but it’s also not difficult. Simply put, don’t believe anything until you have a good reason to believe it. This is true for almost all claims. While it’s unreasonable to expect evidence for claims … Continue reading

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When Prophecy Succeeds?: The Islamic State Problem as an Imaginary Reality

The main point of this essay is that the Islamic State’s beliefs are so entrenched in its adherents’ identities that defeating them is all but an exercise in futility. There is no way to put the genie back in the … Continue reading

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Clashes, Sex, and Cognitive Dissonance

Later this month I’m giving two public presentations (one at a conference and one in a small, 10-person room) about a paper I’ve been working on for about six months (it gets moved around the burners depending on my workload). … Continue reading

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Want to test your cognitive dissonance?

I don’t have much for you today. Lately I’ve been much more interested in reading than writing, but I came across an article from the BBC today titled “Will religion ever disappear?” It’s a wonderfully written piece by┬áRachel Nuwer. Honestly, … Continue reading

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We’re the reason creationists are crazy

I’ve mentioned cognitive dissonance a lot in my blogs. It’s a problem that plagues practically every thought we ever have. Everything from politics to philosophy, from medicine to physics, from music to television, cognitive dissonance is a bitch. If you’re … Continue reading

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