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Carpenter Bees and Microevolution: What the Hell Happened?

There’s a rather large flowering bush in my front yard, and right now it’s surrounded by busy, busy bees and other insects foraging for provisions. Most of these bees are large and shiny, relatively docile carpenter bees, incapable of stinging—or … Continue reading

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We’re the reason creationists are crazy

I’ve mentioned cognitive dissonance a lot in my blogs. It’s a problem that plagues practically every thought we ever have. Everything from politics to philosophy, from medicine to physics, from music to television, cognitive dissonance is a bitch. If you’re … Continue reading

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Hierarchy of knowledge: Science, social science, pseudoscience (religion doesn’t make the list)

Like anyone with a university degree, a graduate education, and a devout affection for human knowledge, I fill much of my life with understanding our physical universe. I read academic journals ranging from Biology and Nature to Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern … Continue reading

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Birds Turning into Elephants!: Evolution Is a Fact (Creationists Are Dead Wrong)

It pains me to continually see the absurd rejection of evolution by creationists who claim “I’ve never seen one species turn into another.” Well, now you have.

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