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Major problem with Gospel of Mark: Everyone knows about it, but none care

The gospels are perhaps the best-known books of the bible (after Genesis, of course). These are the books that tell of the arrest, trial, crucifixion, burial, and resurrection of Jesus. These books make up the fundamental beliefs of Christianity — Jesus came back … Continue reading

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Bible contradictions #2: What did the women do after visiting Jesus’ tomb?

The women who witnessed Jesus’ crucifixion, his burial, and the discovery of the empty tomb play a major role in the resurrection myth. Why then is there such a major discrepancy between the gospels when it comes to what the … Continue reading

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The last words of Jesus: the problem of the prophesy

This, my first post on this new religion-themed blog, is not meant to argue that the bible is wrong. I believe it’s wrong, but that’s just my take. Instead, this is meant as an introduction to the Atheist Papers. This … Continue reading

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