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America’s Religious Revenge: Or, What We’re Doing Wrong

I’ve been arguing for years that as the US shifts more towards secular policies, displacing historically sacred values, and as the religious population in the US slowly dwindles, a religious (namely, Christian) reaction will most likely occur. Well, we’ve entered … Continue reading

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Secular Health in US Probably on the Rise, Despite Evangelical Revival

When we examine the US’s sociopolitical climate it is very tempting to believe reactionary evangelicalism is a growing trend. Once thought critically endangered, evangelical politics appears to be gaining support. More importantly, it appears to be a driving force. When … Continue reading

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The Rise of Secularism and the Fall of Christianity: Google Books N-Gram Analysis

Google Books’ Ngram allows users to search for the frequency of terms appearing in books in Google’s database of printed material. The results show how often those terms have appeared in print over the years. Today I was messing around … Continue reading

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True Believers, Religion, Politics, and Willingness to Die

I’m currently working on some rather cool simulations, attempting to determine the conditions sufficient to cause mass rebellious movements, where being killed by your own government is preferable to living in the status quo. I’m referring to armed insurrection with … Continue reading

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Benefits of Changing Religions in the US? (SS#17)

In the June 2015 edition of Social Currents, Jennifer L. Glass (et al) published “Leaving the Faith: How Religious Switching Changes Pathways to Adulthood among Conservative Protestant Youth.” Glass and her team—after reviewing the literature—noticed an interesting trend; white conservative Protestants “experience … Continue reading

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Lost Causes: The Downside of Secularization

A few years ago I was on a board of directors for a non-profit organization that works for the repeal of capital punishment in my state. Last night I attended a member’s meeting for the organization to discuss the current … Continue reading

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How Did Christianity Become Secularized?

The title here, which remains an unanswered question, might make a lot of people uncomfortable. Some Christians might shun the idea of their religion being secular, and others, particularly non-Christians, might scoff at the idea — Christianity in the US is … Continue reading

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Trusting Atheists: Remember Kids, the Police Exist (SS#4)

There’s a general consensus that atheists are to be distrusted. Without belief of an all powerful being who ultimately serves as a judge, jury, and executioner for all of our earthly transgressions, who’s to say atheists aren’t breaking any and … Continue reading

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Why Secularism Is Important (a video on international politics)

It’s been a while since I’ve made a video. It might be dry for some, but isn’t politics always dry? In this video I make an academic argument, with illustrations, why secularism is important. The examples I use come from … Continue reading

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Book Review: Sacred and Secular

Sacred and Secular: Religion and Politics Worldwide by Ronald Inglehart and Pippa Norris (2004) is an empirical study into the postmodern society, which sounds like an oxymoron; however, postmodernism as a field is too vast, by definition, to result in useful knowledge. … Continue reading

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