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Trusting Atheists: Remember Kids, the Police Exist (SS#4)

There’s a general consensus that atheists are to be distrusted. Without belief of an all powerful being who ultimately serves as a judge, jury, and executioner for all of our earthly transgressions, who’s to say atheists aren’t breaking any and … Continue reading

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Why Secularism Is Important (a video on international politics)

It’s been a while since I’ve made a video. It might be dry for some, but isn’t politics always dry? In this video I make an academic argument, with illustrations, why secularism is important. The examples I use come from … Continue reading

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Book Review: Sacred and Secular

Sacred and Secular: Religion and Politics Worldwide by Ronald Inglehart and Pippa Norris (2004) is an empirical study into the postmodern society, which sounds like an oxymoron; however, postmodernism as a field is too vast, by definition, to result in useful knowledge. … Continue reading

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This is how religious people and everyone else should approach morality

I sat for a seminar today (I know, how fun), and the woman proctoring the seminar was a case worker for a neighboring city’s juvenile and domestic relations court. When she gave examples to explain the concepts she was presenting, … Continue reading

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Reasons why both believers and non-believers should do volunteer work

Charity is not solely the domain of the devout. While religious organizations indeed greatly contribute to the social well-being of their communities through encouraging people to volunteer their services (see chapter six, page 87), non-religious people share and fulfill a … Continue reading

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The worst argument in politics: God

Remember when we were small children, completely ignorant to domestic politics, completely unaware that foreign policy and global politics existed? When we were mere lads and lasses we couldn’t care less about what those men in suits said who kept our … Continue reading

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The Straw Man in Theology: Everyone gets religion wrong

As social constructs, religions epitomize the old adage, “There’s nothing natural about [fill in the blank].” This is a statement used to challenge systemic approaches to explain social phenomena. In my field it’s a great quip to mitigate anarchy. Or … Continue reading

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