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The Islamic State and the Obsolescence of Terrorism (SS#16)

When terrorism enters the repertoire of contention, it does so attached to a socially ticking clock. As is often the case, the clock begins its countdown well before newly emerging terror groups begin their bloody campaigns. The Islamic State (IS) … Continue reading

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Will the Islamic State Succeed?

This is a question I’ll be attempting to answer tomorrow. The Islamic State appears to have a lot of small and immediate victories under its belt, thanks to its willingness to use terror as its primary—if not only—weapon. In order … Continue reading

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ISIS Shows Christians What True Persecution Is

ISIS is great at making terrible and extremely graphic and overproduced propaganda films. In the latest piece to cross my desk, an ISIS branch in Libya parades 21 Egyptian Coptic Christian men onto a beach in Northern Libya. The orange … Continue reading

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Shooting Down Flying Carpets: Let’s stay on topic about Islamic terrorism

There are two major fallacies defenders of Islam make when addressing the problem of Islamic terror. In the wake of yesterday’s terror attack in Paris, I’ve seen these employed with fervor. These are the magic get-out-of-jail-free cards that can be … Continue reading

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The Genesis of Self-Immolation

In this video I present the findings of my research into self-immolation as a tool for contention. Although this project doesn’t necessarily have much to do with religion or atheism, it does briefly discuss how religion may have inspired many … Continue reading

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