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Female Self-Immolations in Afghanistan (SS#20)

Today’s post reflects on a rather dated perspectives article from the The New England Journal of Medicine, titled “Driven to a Fiery Death — The Tragedy of Self-Immolation in Afghanistan” (May 2008). This article was instrumental in helping me form … Continue reading

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Upcoming Research: Christians, Jews, Muslims, and Altruistic Suicide

It’s summer again, and I have a few short months to do independent research of my liking before getting into the deep again. In late August I’ll be starting a rather intensive Modeling and Simulations program at The Virginia Modeling, Analysis … Continue reading

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Self-Immolation and the Threat of Hell: Why Is Hell Insufficient to Prevent Altruism?

In my academic life I’ve been called a person who is interested in the “strange.” While most people in my field research the international political economy or diplomacy, I’m out there researching suicide protest and — the latest interest of … Continue reading

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The Genesis of Self-Immolation

In this video I present the findings of my research into self-immolation as a tool for contention. Although this project doesn’t necessarily have much to do with religion or atheism, it does briefly discuss how religion may have inspired many … Continue reading

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Jesus and Mahasstava: Two similar tales of self-immolation

The story of Jesus dying to save humanity is generally accepted as bearing similar qualities to many, many stories of human saviors throughout history. In fact, many go so far as to suspect that the Jesus-on-the-cross story is a rip … Continue reading

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Self-immolation: Is religion to blame?

Often the finger is pointed at religion as being an underlying cause of suicide terrorism. Generally, the finger is pointed at Islam. Suicide terrorism is a radical form of suicide, often employing bombs or vehicles carrying incendiary materials. And indeed, … Continue reading

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