New atheism’s new tool in the ‘War on Christmas’

A tongue-in-cheek Youtube video is making the rounds on the Internet, poking fun at the alleged ‘War on Christmas’ that we hear about each December. The video takes a satyrical look at those claiming that the war is real and suggests that a real war would look inherently different. See the video below:

Better Off Damned, the group responsible for the video, shows us that those alleging a war on Christmas don’t know what war looks like. The need for inclusivity during the holiday season is not an affront to the personal religious freedoms enjoyed by Christians in the United States. Rather, the need for inclusivity is a cornerstone of the American Constitution, which explicitly provides equal rights for religious minorities, even those who do not believe.

I, for one, believe that Better Off Damned has done something remarkable. The group has not only shown what a real war on Christmas would look like; it has also forced us to consider the dangers associated with monopolized religion. I commend the group for this achievement.

About Rayan Zehn

I'm a political scientist.
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