Bible Contradictions #7: Do boys have to be circumcised?

Bible contradictions 7


Circumcision is a controversial subject that is moving more out of vogue due to its association with genital mutilation. Leviticus puts the matter strictly within the purview of divine law. Then Paul comes along and abolishes circumcision in Galatians. Then again, Paul is a hypocrite because he circumcised Timothy. Even in the bible, the matter is still disputed.

Bringing this into the real world, unfortunately we have no answers at this point in time. But basing your decision to have your son circumcised on religious belief (if you’re a Christian) is quite silly.

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4 Responses to Bible Contradictions #7: Do boys have to be circumcised?

  1. agrudzinsky says:

    I guess, Christianity values internal commitment to God over external signs of belonging to “God’s people”. This point is frequently missed, and heavy chains with golden crosses and religious tattoos are not uncommon.

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  3. David says:

    Bible Contradictions #7 is now published. I have to thank you once again Rayan Zehn. After becoming a believer In Christ Jesus back in April 2016, I had begun to attend churches and something didn’t feel quite right. I started to listen to other pastors who taught a form of Messianic Judaism and they made very compelling arguments.

    This bible contradiction has led me down a road that I spent many hours researching through the scriptures and have come to the conclusion as stated in the video that Messianic Judaism is a lie. The New Testament is an entirely new covenant between believers and God.

    I am not saying however that dropping the beast feasts like valentines day, Ishtar bunny day, or Satan’s Christmas, and replacing them by celebrating Hebrew feast days is a bad idea, its just not mandatory, and definitely doesn’t not count towards ones salvation. However if someone truly loves YHVH then I’d assume they would try to learn about these more biblical principles and try to adapt their life to fit them.

    This will be the last Bible Contradiction I can put together until I am finished moving. In the process of moving out of state. I will begin production again by the end of March, or beginning of April. So until next time, God Bless.


  4. Aithon Sotby says:

    old testament vs new testament; jeez, wonder which one the Christians follow

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