The Quran is basically just a book of threats (against pretty much everyone)

My Muslim roommate gave me a copy of the Quran, telling me that if I read it I will “surely become a Muslim, as everyone who studies religion will find the truth in this book.” I spent two evenings reading it in its entirety, but after only two minutes I noticed something peculiar and grabbed my orange highlighter.

It's soiled because even my cat (tail pictured) thinks it's BS. So he knocked over my water while I was reading it.

It’s soiled because even my cat (tail pictured) thinks it’s BS. So he knocked over my water while I was reading it.

The image above shows two typical pages in the Quran. The highlighted sections are passages in the Quran that espouse violence against nonbelievers, calls them idiots, or promises that Allah will torture them in fire forever. This, quite literally, takes up about 60% of the Quran.

Nonbelievers (also called “enemies,” “wrongdoers,” and “mischief makers” in the Quran) are identified as Atheists, pagans, polytheists, Jews, Christians, and spiritualists who have heard even a “partial truth” from Muhammad, but who “refuse” to acknowledge “what they know is clearly true.” Of particular note, Muslims who kill Muslims are condemned to hell, but are still treated better than nonbelievers because Allah will pardon them after Jesus is resurrected and Allah commences his final judgement.

Why does the Quran say these things? Well, it elaborates. According to the Quran, because I’ve read even a single word from the Quran, I am now a Muslim and a believer. But because I refuse to acknowledge that, I am disobeying Allah.

Sorry Quran, but I’m still 100% atheist.

But really, a book should stand on its own merits, not empty threats. And the Quran is filled to the brim with empty threats. More than half of the damned thing is passages condemning disbelief. Could it be that it contains so many threats against nonbelievers because Muhammad made the whole thing up and felt insecure?

Finally, I suggest that everyone read the Quran. It’s pretty hilarious!

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8 Responses to The Quran is basically just a book of threats (against pretty much everyone)

  1. Denine Taylor says:

    I haven’t read it, but that doesn’t sound like the so called “peaceful religion” they keep telling us it is then?

  2. oogenhand says:

    Threaten them back. Hell is eternal, Hell is eternal, Hell is eternal…

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  4. albinogoth says:

    Oh, but you aren’t *really* a muslim yet, because you haven’t read it in the original Arabic! :p

    • Rayan Zehn says:

      I don’t know why it took me over a week to reply to this. In any case, you win the Rayan Zehn awesome comment of the month award. My roommate told me the same thing once: “You cannot see the truth because Muhammad’s words are lost in translation.”

      To me that sounds more like a problem for Muhammad than a problem for the rest of us.

  5. Anonymous says:

    There’s more than 1 billion Muslims in the world. They have all the funds from rich Muslim countries to promote Islam and portray Quran as a book of peace, which they try to do by flooding the Internet with all the good things about Quaran or Islam (although it is evil), even though the Muslims have been creating trouble around the world almost in the all the countries. You don’t need to do critical thinking to come to a conclusion that Muslim is not a religion of peace as wherever they go they have trouble, they can’t assimilate to the local culture, they will try to bring Sharia law, they need halal food (even though they have been consuming non-halal food for almost a century when they were new to another country, they will look for separate states, they need to cover their women in that black ghostly-looking clothes, and finally they will need to get rid of people who are not Muslims by becoming suicide bombers. Quaran had never been and will never be a book of peace.

  6. muslim says:

    add “al azif” to “al quran” and u have 100% of islam.

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