Bible Contradictions #17: Are sins forgiven?

Bible contradictions 17I posted about Mark 3:28-29 before, but I wanted to hit this one home again. The bible is full of passages speaking about god forgiving sins. We can rape, murder, commit acts of wanton genocide, and blaspheme against god and Jesus. And in the course of one nanosecond of repentance all prior bad acts are wiped away, expunged from our eternal permanent record. But during Joshua’s quest to murder every living he came across, we learn that god is a jealous fellow who is incapable of forgiving certain ethnic groups. To make matters worse, god can’t forgive anyone, no matter how holy they are, if they blaspheme against the holy spirit.

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4 Responses to Bible Contradictions #17: Are sins forgiven?

  1. I like every single one of the completely phony contradicts presented on this blog, the one presented here is easily shown to by a fraud.

    These two snippets of scripture show that not all sin is equal. Some sin is worse than others.

    Many postmodern Protestant sects believe that all sin is equal. According to the Bible, that simply isn’t true.

    It must also be realized that New Testament literature was addressed to particular audiences.

    Saint John was giving a basic Catechism lesson on the sacrament of Reconciliation.

    Saint Mark was stressing that renouncing God’s love means doom.

    Any dolt can understand that there is no contradiction in those two Bible versus.

    Why can’t atheists understand what any dolt can understand?

  2. Nvd says:

    Willful sin is UNFORGIVABLE. Heb 10:26
    Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is WILLFUL sin that’s why it will NEVER be “forgiven”.
    The only sins forgiven in the ENTIRE scripture are: the UNINTENTIONAL sins of the Righteous.
    Yahshua died for the unintentional sins of the SAINTS.
    Yahweh’s goat died so that the unintentional sins of the SAINTS will be cleansed from the HEAVENLY sanctuary. Daniel 8:14 Lev. 16
    Christianity is a PAGAN religion FULL Of lies.
    There are NO christians in the scriptures. The christians wrote themselves in the bible.
    They were first called: “Anointed ONES” in Antioch. NOt christians.
    The word “chirst” is NOWHERE found in the scriptures. The word used in the scriptures is: The Anointed ONE/s.

  3. bill says:

    Taking two verses from the Bible and completely excluding it from the whole book and chapter is missing the meaning and context. I suggest you research more into what you are quoting as contradictions which clearly aren’t if you understand the Bible. God is for sure not racist as you falsely commented that he cannot forgive certain ethnic groups. This is a lie. Jesus died on the cross so that every single human could have the chance to love and chose him. He even died for the people that do not believe in him such as yourself. God certainly can forgive whoever truly repents and asks for forgiveness, otherwise dying on the cross would be useless.

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