These murderers are now in heaven; many of their victims are in hell

If you buy the heaven myth, then you gotta buy the whole myth. Even serial killers get a ticket to heaven if they meet the following requisites: accept Jesus as your lord and savior and ask forgiveness for your sins. That said, I’d like to point out a list of people who committed horrible crimes but are now enjoying eternity in bliss…according to the Christian religion. Many of their victims, on the other hand, are burning in hell.

Jeffrey Dahmer


This serial killer was responsible for the deaths of at least 17 people, many of whom were minors. A cannibal, necrophile, and all-around weirdo, Dahmer spent his time in prison being saved, being baptized, converting to Christianity and ministering to his fellow inmates. He was murdered by a mentally unstable man in 1994. What makes Dahmer’s case so interesting is that, while Christian teachings have us believe that he is in heaven, almost all of his victims died during homosexual encounters. Therefore, if Christians are right, Dahmer’s sitting up there in heaven enjoying the finest things in the afterlife, but his victims are burning in hell. I wonder how many Christians ever bothered to consider this.

Stephen Morin


Brutally murdered as many as 30 victims. His final potential victim survived after convincing Morin to convert to Christianity. He was executed in 1985, but just prior to his death he asked Jesus for forgiveness and gave himself to Jesus, thus securing his spot next to god.

Sean Sellers


This one’s debated, but when Sellers was 17 this confessed satanist murdered his parents as they slept. He was sentenced to death row, where he converted to Christianity. Just before his execution he sang a Christian hymn, thus riding the stairway to heaven.

Velma Barfield


This lovely lady, Velma Barfield, was convicted of one murder, but evidence suggests that she killed six, including her own mother, two husbands, a boyfriend, and a couple of elderly folk. She was arrested and sentenced to death. During her time on death row, she converted to Christianity and led prison prayer meetings. Upon her execution the Reverend Billy Graham sang praise for Barfield’s model of a good Christian. Billy Graham will be in good company in heaven we he departs this world.

Westley Allan Dodd


Dodd murdered and raped three young children, one as young as four. When he was captured he felt remorse and begged to receive the death penalty to ensure that he never hurt anyone again. The state complied and he was executed in 1993. In prison he converted to Christianity. His last words were, “I was once asked by somebody, I don’t remember who, if there was any way sex offenders could be stopped. I said, ‘No.’ I was wrong. I was wrong when I said there was no hope, no peace. There is hope. There is peace. I found both in the Lord, Jesus Christ. Look to the Lord, and you will find peace.” These days he’s frolicking in heavenly fields with his murder victims.

Michael Bruce Ross


Michael Ross raped and murdered eight women from 1981 to 1984. In prison he converted to Catholicism and counseled other inmates. He felt extreme remorse for his crimes, and sought to expedite his execution, even though it took 18 years. His decision was twofold: First to provide closure to the families of his victims, and second, to return to god. And that’s where Ross is now, with god. He was finally executed in 2005, spending his final days in deep prayer.

David Berkowitz


Berkowitz, the Son of Sam, is still alive (as of this writing). But during the 1970s he was a prolific serial killer. His final body count stands at six dead and seven wounded. He blamed demon possession for his actions. Nevertheless, he was given a life sentence for each of his victims. One day while reading the bible with a fellow inmate, Berkowitz had a sudden conversion to Christianity. His faith led him to refuse parole even though he’s eligible under New York laws. These days he writes books and essays expressing hope through Jesus. While Berkowitz has a fairly good chance at getting admission through the pearly gates, some of his victims do not. They were shot while having premarital rendezvous, you know, a sin according to Christians.

Karla Faye Tucker


Finally, Karla Faye Tucker murdered two people in Texas with a pickaxe, claiming to have experienced orgasms after each blow. She was arrested and sentenced to death. During her incarceration, she converted to Christianity. Her deep spiritual conversion led several prominent figures, including the Blessed Pope John Paul II to beg for her life to be spared. The state even received pleas from the brother of one of her victims. This was to no avail, and she was executed. Her last statement contained apologies to the victims’ families, a prayer to Jesus, and a promise to see her loved ones again in heaven–all those things necessary to actually get to heaven. One of her victims, however, was a wife beater and possible drug addict, none of which correlate with being on god’s good side. Thus, she’s in heaven, and her victim in hell.


Christians would have us believe that no matter how awful our crimes are, we still have an opportunity to go to heaven, even if we’ve stolen that opportunity from our victims. If one is murdered during the throes of sin, one is damned, or so the Christians would say. But their murderers get to heaven by default, as long as they repent and accept Jesus.

This has even more horrible implications for rape victims. A person is raped, their rapist is caught, and he finds salvation through Christ. His victim, on the other hand, is unable to cope with the trauma and commits suicide. The victim goes to hell by no fault of their own, while the rapist goes to heaven. I ask again: Do Christians even bother to consider these major ethical problems with their god?

NOTE: This was originally posted on one of my other blogs, but since I’ve created this one specifically to handle atheist-themed posts, I decided to repost it here.

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6 Responses to These murderers are now in heaven; many of their victims are in hell

  1. Bob says:

    Your conclusion that many of the victims of the listed murderers would necessarily be consigned to eternal damnation due to criminal acts perpetrated on them or because they committed suicide as a result of their victimization is not supported by Scripture [contrary to your assertion]. Also, your suggestion that someone’s self-professed conversion earns them an eternal place in God’s presence is also misplaced. Perhaps you should just allow the God you don’t believe in to sort out who joins Him in heaven [which you do not believe in] and who does not. Christians who know their Scripture would not need to deal with this false dilemma you seem so proud of having crafted.

  2. godsdog says:

    what most people don’t seem to understand is that god only saves humanity, but that which doesn’t walk upright in the ways of god do not get accepted into heaven, now for the real kicker, an explanation of psalms 44 and gods word, it is his name, YHVH, as Hebrew (meaning read from left to right rather than right to left, like a mirror, which god deemed to call Michael (micha meaning “one who is like” and el meaning “god”, which si signifigent too, let me explain..

    the symbol yod means “through the arm and hand of god”, it also represents the letter Y, and this was the meaning when jesus said remember god first and foremost, because we don’t serve god when unconsciencious of him..

    then for symbols 2, 3 and 4 (HVH ,aka heh vav heh) state man covers and protects man, and this was the meaning of the second statement that man was to love his neighbor as though he loved himself.

    now for the mirror, Michael bit, when read backwards the paleohebrew letters take on a new meaning, it says : Behold hand, behold nail”.

    now read psalms 44 understanding that, it says kill with kindness, your murderers aren’t in heaven my brother, hope you come to realize that the greater good is never one with he who serves the lord of esau, who is the angel of the lord that wrestled Jacob and stuck his finger in the hipsocket and took prophecy from man, the adversary of the wrestling match, adversary.. translated into a name would be “Satan”.

    sama meaning “Blind” and el meaning “god”, the lord of ignorance and death, the lord of darkness.
    samael, signified by the gamel (camel).

    you disbelieve because you understand not and won’t seek understanding, god is understanding.. don’t get it? be simple, be true, eat some shrooms, god loves you.

  3. godsdog says:

    also about the w v thing, vav has 2 v’s in t, which were originally represented by v’s, and V’s were represented with u’s, so 2 V’s = 2 U’s would be double, two is double..

  4. Jen says:

    Humans are limited–we only see and judge based on outward appearances; only God sees past that into our most private thoughts and true motives of the heart. There is no hiding from or deceiving God. For sinners–whether victims or a perpetrators– if there’s a true contrition and repentance of sin, God is merciful and faithful to forgive. So although we may have our opinions, ultimately, we fully trust in God and leave final judgment to Him from whom absolutely nothing is hidden.

  5. Remus says:

    There’s no guarantee they are in heaven. If they were truly sorry and did enough penance though, then perhaps they are. But we don’t know. If there’s no afterlife, however, then ultimately there’s no justice. We can do any evil we want and there’s no ultimate consequences for us. Yeah, so much better. Oh, and just for kicks:

  6. A Christian Too says:

    Not all Christians believe the same doctrine. And not all people that claim to be Christians are. Some “born again” Christians aren’t going to make it to heaven, because it takes a lot more than mouthing doctrine and rambling off prayers to be forgiven. Claiming one accepts God and Christ means nothing if one’s actions show otherwise. Some of us Christians happen to believe that for sincere converts that gain forgiveness for horrible sins, they still will undergo just punishment and retribution before getting through those pearly gates, because God is just. Forgiveness doesn’t mean “get off scott-free” without consequences, even in the after life. A true convert would recognize this, change their actions so as to stop hurting others for their own benefit, and also accept what consequences await for the evil that they committed. Some Christians believe that regardless of religious conversion, the chaff will still have to be separated from the wheat in the afterlife, but that it is the good that’s left over which was inspired a person’s sincere conversion, is the part of the person that can eventually enter heaven. Same for non Christians who live honest and ethical lives- they are God’s creations too and he’s not going to turn his back on them when they die just because they didn’t mouth a particular religious dogma in life that the some so called Christians preach. Saying you are Christian and accept Christ as your savior, and actually having God in your heart and being saved are two entirely different things.

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