“Atheism is a religion”: The fundamental flaw with this statement and how it undermines religious belief

Is atheism a religion? Despite the fact that, no, it is definitely not a religion, the very question itself is self-defeating when asked by a religious person. I imagine that this post might be troll bait. There probably lurks someone (particularly a certain silenced mind kind of person) waiting to pounce on this post with well-rehearsed apologetic sound bytes. But still, it needs to be said.

First, the idea that atheism is a religion is absurd. Atheism is merely a philosophical stance (or lack thereof) on a single topic, the existence of supernatural, divine entities. Theism takes a different stance on the question. Theism itself is not religion; it’s merely an idea. Islam, Hinduism, and Christianity (to name a few) are religions. To say that you are theistic does not make any claims about what religion you follow. So why would anyone think that atheism is a religion?

Atheism has no dogma, no doctrine, no hierarchical support structures. It has no leaders. It does not offer predictions for everyday life. It has no interpretations since it takes no position on anything outside of its narrow, single-idea scope. It doesn’t even have silly hats!

If this is a religion then you have a very low threshold for defining religions. In this interpretation, it is the same as saying apple lovers practice the religion of apple love. Nascar enthusiasts, which take many more positions than atheism takes (upwards of infinity more, depending on the individual atheist and Nascar enthusiast), stand somewhere between the amount of religiosity that is atheism and the amount that is Roman Catholicism. If atheism classifies as a religion, then Nascar is definitely a religion. The same goes for dog lovers, musicians, and craft beer brewers. They all are apart of those respective religions. That’s not saying very much.

If you are a religious person, and you believe that atheism is a religion, then you have an incredibly low threshold for defining religions. Hence, if you say you are a Christian or a Catholic or a Buddhist or a Muslim, then that’s not saying very much. It puts your religious beliefs on the same level as Nascar enthusiasm.

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6 Responses to “Atheism is a religion”: The fundamental flaw with this statement and how it undermines religious belief

  1. makagutu says:

    By now one would think that this problem has been put to rest.

  2. Cerberus Black says:

    Doesn’t matter, I’m ready.

  3. Theists are simpletons, so don’t be surprised when such inanity spews from their cranial orifice

  4. Cerberus Black says:

    Silence of mind;

    I know the conflict that you’re facing within the recesses of your mind. And believe me, the road is a long one. But you need to come to the understanding that you can never except they’re stories on any grounding of mere faith alone… For it has no foundation.

    The biblical stories are just mere impressions for the stagnation of your mind, which is always reinforced through repitions, and this reinforcement is what keeps you under their control. This tactic of conditioning the mind is what keeps you unthinking and stagnant in an endgame of them telling you what their gods wants, and some have no choice but to follow.

    And that is always the strategic art from a con-man.

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