Quran Contradictions #2: Does everyone obey Allah?


quran contradictions 2

According to the Quran in verse 30:26 everyone in heaven and on earth obeys Allah. But if we rewind to verse 2:34, we see that Iblees (also spelled Iblis and a version of Satan) disobeyed Allah.

To a follower of Muhammad this might seem like a non-contradiction at first glance. When Iblees disobeyed Allah, he was cursed to eternity in Jahannam (a kind of combination between the Christian concepts of hell and purgatory). If this is true, then there is no contradiction because verse 30:26 mentions only things in heaven and on earth. Jahannam is neither.

But not so fast. Verses 7:14-15 tell us the story of what really happened. When Iblees was cursed to Jahannam, he begged Allah for reprieve until judgement day. Allah agreed. Although Allah banished him from heaven in verse 7:18, he was not sent to hell. Considering that there are only three options here — heaven, hell, and the earth — Iblees must be on earth. In other words, Iblees is on earth and has disobeyed Allah. The contradiction is complete.

One final piece of trivia. Verse 2:34 is exceptionally humorous. It claims that Iblees’ arrogance made him one “of the disbelievers.” In other words, despite Iblees having direct knowledge that Allah exists and that Islam is the true religion, he did not believe it to be true. That would be like me not believing that fire burns, even though I have perfect evidence that it does burn. It appears that this verse was trying to equate non-Muslims with devils, but did so in a way that makes Allah seem idiotic.

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9 Responses to Quran Contradictions #2: Does everyone obey Allah?

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  2. ToxicHash says:

    People still abuse drugs knowing perfectly well that they are they are harmful. Your argument about iblis unfortunately falls flat.humans and jinn have been given the freedom to think and act independently.there is no contradiction

  3. ToxicHash says:

    Is that all you can come up with?

    • ToxicHash says:

      And also there are 4 places Janna or paradise from where Iblis was banished, earth, heavens or rest of the universe, and lastly hell. Heavens paradise. It’s an amateur mistake which happens when all you can read are translations and not the original thing.if you want to be a critic, you better understand what you are critiquing .

      • Rayan Zehn says:

        Wait. Do you actually believe that? I mean, do you literally believe in Iblis and hell? Or are you merely speaking from a literary perspective?

  4. ToxicHash says:

    To me its simple, either one believes in one supreme God and believe that the Quran is his words unaltered by man ,or, not. I belong to the former group. In my readings I haven’t come across any reasons why I should change my belief.

  5. Muslim says:

    Humans and Iblees {a jinn (jins are made of fire)} have free will , they either obey or disobey Allah but Angels and other nonliving things in heavens or living things which don’t have manlike wisdom obbey Allah .

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