Quran Contradictions #3: Could Allah have a son?

quran contradictions 3

Christians believe that Jesus Christ was the son of god (Allah). Islam follows from both Judaism and Christianity, building upon them, absorbing Jesus into the Quran, but not his divinity. So when the question comes up — did Allah have a son? — the answer is no. But that leaves open the question, Could Allah have a son?

Here the Quran is uncertain. First in verse 39:4 he could have had a son had he chosen to. For whatever reason he chose not to. But then we look back to verse 6:101 and we find that Allah could not have had a son because he was a permanent bachelor. Apparently, in order for the Almighty, Creator of Everything to father a child, he needs a woman. And honestly, who among you would desire that the father of your children to be a genocidal maniac? Then again, even Hitler got married.

Unfortunately, the Quran does not even bother to ask if Allah could have a daughter.

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9 Responses to Quran Contradictions #3: Could Allah have a son?

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  2. oogenhand says:

    Reblogged this on oogenhand and commented:
    Omnipotence v.s. Monotheism. Can an omnipotent Being create other omnipotent Beings?

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  4. goaloflifeadmin says:

    Once again, weak points. You seem to lack linguistic ability. Normally Quranic ayahs require an Exegesis, but even a laymen could explain you the above. IF, INTENDED, then he could choose one of HIS creations, does not imply him having a son through procreation, this proving his singularity and differentiation from his creations.

    2) Children are normally created through procreation, thus once again, explaining, if Allah, does not have a partner then he would not have a son.

    I just gave a simplified answer, pages written on such.

  5. Dan says:

    Couldn’t a god adopt a human as a child (son or daughter). We humans manage that without effort all the time.

    Adoptionism is even a minority Christian belief regarding the “sonship” of Yeshua. Presumably Allah is omnipotent so nothing is impossible for him.

  6. Zorah says:

    The contradictions in Quran get even better! In beginning, Quran says he has a son-Surah 2:116 “They say: Allah has begotten a Son: Glory be to Him. Rather, whatever belongs all that is in the heavens and on earth: everything renders worship to Him.” No, clear denial of Allah sonship, but progresses later to unsure if Allah has son, the changes to Allah has no son….

  7. Muslim says:

    The first verse implies that if Allah wills , he can do anything and second says that he has no partner thus no children , he is above such earthly things .
    What’s the point of getting confused .

  8. Karim says:

    If you cant read and understand it, you lack understanding. It does not say he has a son. Does it? English is a weak language to understand the Quran. If you read it properly you will find out that certain words have multiple meanings. You are well versed so you can backtrack to find these words.

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